What is rubgy?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Rubgy Is A Sport Alot Like Football, They Have The Same Shape Ball And The Objective Of The Game Is Sort of The Same But Rubgy Is Less Known And Isnt As Big As Football.

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Q: What is rubgy?
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When did the tri-nations rubgy start?


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Which country discovered rubgy?

Spain discovered rugby

What is you play rubgy in french?

je joue au rugby

What Are Examples Of Sports?

netball,soccer,rubgy basketball etc

What is another name for paralympic sprot wheelchair rubgy?


Who was the captain of the Australian rubgy team in 1991?

Nick farr-jones

How many are on a team for Rubgy league football?

11 or 7 people are on a rugby team

Is a Samsung rugby a837 waterproof?

Samsung Rubgy is not waterproof as with any other electronic gadgets.

Name the Irish town that an up and under is named after in rubgy?

Garryowen - a suburb of Limerick City

Does rubgy player Shane Horgan have a girlfriend?

yes hes dating an english girl called Emma