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Fed-ex,(Federer Express as in he delivers results you want) R-Fed,(His name abbreviated) Raja,(Means Kings) King Federer,(As in he's the king of tennis) Roger Betterer,(As in he's better than the rest and it's a play on his name) Swiss Maestro,(Maestro is Italian for master. He is Swiss and many say he plays like a master.) and Darth Federer(From when he wore his all black get-up and seemed like he was ready to destroy competition).

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Q: What is roger federer's full name?
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Who was Roger Federers Mentor?

his coach, Peter Lundgren

Who is roger federers idol?

Roger Federer's idol was Pete Sampras, who was also the one-handed backhand of his time.

What are some of Roger Federers greatest sporting achievements?

winning the finals at wimbledon until 2008

What is Roger Federer's full name?

Roger Federer.

What is roger federers religion?

Federer is a roman catholic. He's met the pope.

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What were Roger Federers hobbies?

He likes a lot of sports, he seems to be quite fond of soccer, Roger supports FC Basel. When he was younger he also played Cricket and was very Decent,infact he could have been a cricket player. It seems like he chose the right sport.

Who are rogers federers parents?

mr and mrs federer

Will federer win US Open?

It is surely federers slam