What is recreational basketball?

Updated: 12/11/2022
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Recreational Basketball, is playing basketball outside of a club or school, either playing it by urself or with your friends at the local Court. Recreational basketball is usually played outdoors

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Q: What is recreational basketball?
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Do you need a certificate to coach basketball?

you do not need to have a certificate to be a basketball coach for a parks and recreational team.

What are some Russian recreational activities?

baseball basketball football and golf

Is there a senior basketball tournament and where?

Check your local park and recreational district; most will have some form of sports league for elders, and that oftentimes includes basketball.

What are some popular sports recreational spots on California?

Soccer Volleyball Basketball Golf you no the usual

What are Popular sports and recreational activities in Illinois?

No sports have been specifically connected to Illinois, but they do have professional teams in baseball, football, and basketball.

How high is the required clear space on a basketball court?

The minimum required clear space on a basketball court depends on which kind of court it is. An NCAA court has a minimum of 25', while a recreational facility's minimum is 20'.

What is the average foot candle level for a basketball court?

80-100 pro or college 50 highschool 30 recreational 15 recrational outside

bryant used a logo of a professional basketball team in the jersey for her recreational softball team with permission. What type of law did she most likely violate?

copyright infringement

What recreational facilities are there in the White House?

There is a basketball court, swimming pool, bowling, golf course. There's a Tennis Court, A Movie Theater, and a Jogging track.

What is the size of an official basketball hoop?


How many players in a basketball team through one to ten?

There are 5 on the court and 5 to 7 on the bench. In a kids recreational league there are usually 10 players and in the NBA there are 12 on a team.

What is Tagalog of recreational?

Tagalog of recreational: paglilibang