What is real Madrid in english?

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Real= Royal In Spanish

Madrid= The name of the city

SO it mean Royal Madrid :)

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Q: What is real Madrid in english?
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What is the meaning of C.F. in the word Real Madrid CF?

Real Madrid C.F. is an abbriviation for Real Madrid Club de Fútbol (English: Madrid Royal Football Club, also known as Real Madrid, Los Blancos, Los Merengues

Who is the last English footballer of real Madrid?


English players have played for Real Madrid?

The following three English footballers played for Real Madrid, they are Michel Owen, David Beckham and Steve McCmnanon.

What does real mean in real madried?

Real (of Real Madrid) transalated into English means royal.

Which players have played in the English leagues and for Real Madrid?


Who was the first english player for real madrid?

Laurie Cunningham

What is a magic 3 in English in the book Night?

real madrid

English footballers who have played in Spain?

Mark Hughes - Barcelona Steve McMannamon - Real Madrid Michael Owen - Real Madrid Jonathan Woodgate - Real Madrid I'm sure there are more.

Where will real Madrid practice?

Real Madrid's training centre is located at Ciudad Real Madrid in Valdebebas (Madrid).

In which country is Real Madrid located?

Real Madrid is in Madrid, Spain.

Players from premier league that played for real Madrid?

Arijen Robben ( Chelsea to Real Madrid ) Christiano Ronaldo ( MU to Real Madrid ) Xabi Alonso ( Liverpool to Real Madrid ) Arbeloa ( Liverpool to Real Madrid ) Richardo Carvalleo ( Chelsea to Real Madrid ) Robinho ( Real Madrid to Manchester City ) Mahamadu Diarra ( Tottenham Hotspur to Real Madrid ) Lasana Diarra ( Potursmas? to Real Madrid ) Van Nisteloy? ( MU to Real Madrid ) David Bechkam ( MU to Real Madrid )

What city does Real Madrid represent?

Real Madrid represent Madrid, Spain.

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