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What some people might call soccer, is called Football in England.

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Q: What is real English football called?
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What is the kick off called in English football?

It is called a kick-off in English football.

Why is it called football if you don't use your feet?

well isaved when you press "Save". <P> <P>I have often wondered about that myself. North American football is a version of rugby, real football is only called "soccer" in English speaking North America.</P> n most countrys football is called soccer and soccer is called football.

What do English football players have to wear?

its just called football they have to wear clothes

What does le football mean in English?

Le football (masc.) is the sport called soccer in the US - and football nearly everywhere else.

What was the first English football team to win away against Real Madrid?


What is real madrids football stadium called?

Santiago Bernabeu

How do you say Football in French?

"Le football " (soccer in American English - what the Americans call football is called in French "le football américain").

What are English football ties?

English football ties are English football matches

What is a soccer player called in English?

Your question is in English lol do you mean in England? If so the answer is a Football Player

First English football team called city?

Manchester city

What is soccer called in Malaysia?

(English) Football, Malay (Bola sepak)

Why do Americans say soccer not football because football is the proper word?

In the American dialect of the English language "football" is one sport, "soccer" is another. In the British dialect of the English language, the sport the Americans call "soccer" is called "football" they do not play much American Football in Britain.

Where have there been instances where football clubs have helped out other football clubs in any way?

i English football. or real football, my team Birmingham city borrowed our hated neighbours the money to buy their first set of floodlights

In 1572 was soccer called football?

Its 1872 and yes Soccer was called Football in Europe and soccer the real Football because they use their feet and Australian or American Football should be called Handball or Handegg because they use more hands for handpasses and throws and it doesnt involved kicking except Australian football

Is soccer and football alike?

in america football(to the english)is called the uk its the other way round,soccer and fo same football are the same thing.

What is another name for a football?

English football in America is called Soccer or American football in England is like rugby =)

Which was invented first American football or English Football?

English Football

The El Camino Real was called what in English?

The El Camino Real is The King's Hiway

Which English city has football league clubs called rovers and city?


Which English football club was originaly called Pine Villa?

Oldham Athletic

Which famous English football club was called newton heath?

Manchester United.

What English football teams are named the Magpies?

Newcastle United are called the Magpies.

What is the name of real valladolid stadium?

The name of Real Valladolid football club stadium is called Nuevo Jose Zorrilla.

Is Real Madrid the name of a spanish football team?

yes, real Madrid is the name of a Spanish football team, it is called F.C real Madrid , which mean "foot ball club of real Madrid, real Madrid is known worldwide for it's championships and world records, and top players.

What type of sport does Everton play?

Everton Football Club plays in the English Premier Football League. In the United States, the sport is called soccer and is not to be confused with American football.