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Q: What is rafeal nadal sister named?
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Name 3 Famous Olympic Tennis players?

Rafeal Nadal, Roger Federer And James Blake. Rafeal Nadal is da best.

What religion is rafeal nadal?

Rafa is Agnostic.

How many games has Rafeal Nadal won?


Who won the French Open 4 consecutive times?

Rafeal Nadal

Who won the Men's Singles at the French Open 2011?

Rafeal nadal

Why did rafeal nadal pick tennis as his life sport?

if your as good as he is why wouldn't you!

Which teenager won the men's tennis 2005 French Open?

Rafeal Nadal

Is rafeal nadal competing in the Beijing Olympics?

Yes, he arrived about a couple of days ago. Hopefully, he will win!!! !!!Vamos Rafa Nadal!!!

Who wan the most game played between rafeal nadal and rojer federer?

Nadal HAS THE MOST WINS!!!! the series between these 2 is 13-7, Therefore Nadal has beaten federer more times.

Who is first rank in tennis now?

rafeal nadal is no:1 in men and jelena jankovic is no:1 in women

Who has played rafeal nadal in a grand slam final?

Federer, was that a trick question or something? :S Roger Federer.

What team did Rafeal Nadal play for?

Christiano ronaldo plays for Portugal.