What is racing throttle response?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Throttle response or vehicle responsiveness is a measure of how quickly a vehicle's prime mover, such as an internal combustion engine, can increase its power output in response to a driver's request for acceleration, such as a pedal being pressed. Throttles are not used in diesel engines, but the term throttle is often used to refer to any input that modulates the power output of a vehicle's prime mover. Throttle response is often confused with better power, but throttle response is rather related to time taken for change in power level.

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Q: What is racing throttle response?
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What does rtr stand for in TVs apache?

racing throttle response .... gives you more acceleration when you are at your top speed... it releases throttle and give you some more acceleration.. i am one of the user of the bike and i have experienced it too

What does apache RTR stand for?

RTR : Racing Throttle Response...

What is RTR technology in apache bike?

RTR is not a's an quality of apache and it stands for "racing throttle response"

Why do offshore boat racing have 2 pilots?

one for the throttle and one for steering

Can you drive your car with the with electronic throttle control light on?

Maybe, you may have no throttle response at all depending on the failure.

How do you test throttle position sensor?

The throttle position sensor can be tested by moving the throttle as observing the engine's response. If it is smooth and consistent, the sensor is functioning properly.

Why are you not getting any throttle response when you step on the gas peddle of your 1991 mercury capri?

The throttle cable may be broken.

What would make a 2007 suzuki 700efi throttle response slugesh?

Low octane fuel.

What causes throttle issues on a 1984 atc 200x Honda?

what doesit mean when you start a 1984 200x atc and the motor is racing

What does srt stand for?

SRT-4 = STREET and RACING TECHNOLOGY and the 4 represents the number of cylinders that an neon or caliber srt4 has.

What causes slow throttle response in a Ford Taurus sho?

It could be the fuel pump, fuel pressure sensor, or PCM

Why does your Harley have no throttle response?

Because it's a Harley, 65 HP 1940s tractor engine. R&R bike.