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Q: What is pressure training in relation to badminton?
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What is meant by periodisation in relation to training?

Periodisation (in relation to training) is the different parts in the training programme.

Do you need any qualifications or training to be a umpire or service judge in badminton?


Has any relation between osmosis pressure and water activity?

There is definitely a strong relation between osmosis pressure and water activity. Osmosis is the movement of water from high pressure to low pressure.

What is the relation between pressure and friction?

Friction is directly proportional to pressure.

What relation is temp and pressure?

An increase in temperature leads to an increase in pressure.

What is the relation between pressure and force?

Pressure is defined as force per area

What relation between pressure and height?

Pressure decreases as height increases and vice-versa.

What is the relation between force and preesure?

Pressure = force / area

Does height have any direct relation with atmosphereic pressure?


Relation between Dew point temperature and pressure?

There is none.

What is relation between mass flow rate and discharge pressure in reciprocating compressor?

These have a inverse relation. You will need to know the discharge and the incoming pressure in order to find out the mass flow rate.

How is volcanoes related to physcis?

Pressure. Do a Google search on the relation between volcanoes and pressure, or even your question.