What is pool account?

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Q: What is pool account?
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What is meaning of pool account in share market?

pool account in share market means purchasing and selling of shares through directly broker's accounts.

How do you cancel your miniclip disc pool account if you are a gold player?

You can't

What do you mean by oil pool account?

An oil pool account is a fund reserve maintained by the governments of many countries to protect citizens against fluctuations in oil prices. An example is the government of India.

Naya account add karna hai?

8 Ball Pool delete

What is the definition of oil pool account?

The Oil Pool Account is the buffer maintained by the Government of India that takes care of the fluctuations in the price of of petroleum products with the help of surcharges collected on sales and enables it to make the products available at stable prices decided by it over long periods. The difference in the inflows and the outflows of funds result in a surplus or deficit in the oil pool account.

How do you get free credits on 8 ball pool multiplayer?

i have done some surveys, but never add any credits to my 8 ball pool account

How could you change your country flag in 8 ball pool?

The easiest way is go to Miniclip website, and then log into the site with your Facebook account. Go to your profile, edit/update it (your country), and voila, your account of Facebook 8 ball pool will updated and your country will be changed as is.

How do you create a new account on

go on miniclip 8 ball pool multiplayer and sign up enter e mail and go login

How do you subscribe disc pool?

If you have an account, you would go to his/her channel and click the subscribe button at the top of the channel page.

How do you get into the Magma Pool on Neopets?

Each account has two five-minute intervals (usually they are back to back, so one ten-minute interval) during which the guard falls asleep. Simply put, every account has a total of ten minutes of opportunity to get into the pool. While the times are different for every account, your account's specific time will never change. The best way to find your account's time is to try to access the pool every five minutes for a different hour each day. For example on Monday try checking from 1-2, then 2-3 on Tuesday, and so on. When you do find your time, write it down somewhere you can remember. You can let one of your pets swim in the pool each week. You can also sometimes be welcomed to the pool by the guard. It's extremely rare, and it's most likely random.

Why does your pool water evaporates fast in your in ground pool?

IF YOU ARE SPEAKING ABOUT YOURSELF - YOU AS A PERSON - THEN DON'T USE THE WORD "YOUR" AS IN YOUR POOL WATER. PLEASE USE THE WORDS "I" OR "OUR" OR "MY" POOL.... ***** To the person that replied with this answer above: ***** I created this account just to tell you that if you don't have an answer to the question then keep your mouth shut! smart ass! For anyone out there, I am also looking for a chemical solution to slow the evaporation process in "your" pool ;)

How do you become well versed in the ways of moltra on neopets?

As in getting into the Magma Pool? There doesn't seem to be a known way to get access into the Magma Pool. However, if you catch the guard asleep, you can get in. For each Neopets account there is a time the guard falls asleep, and once you figure what the one for your account is you can go back once a week and paint your pet magma.

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