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Pitching from the stretch occurs when there are runners on base. When there are no runners on base the pitcher will use a full windup to throw the ball. In other words, once the pitcher starts the windup he does not stop before throwing the ball. But when there are runners on base, the pitcher will start a windup and then stop and look at the baserunners in an attempt to keep them close to the base before he throws. When the pitcher stops to look at the runners, this is called the stretch position.

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Q: What is pitching from the stretch?
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What does out of the stretch mean in baseball?

its a shorter pitching motion than the windup, you usually "pitch form the stretch" when there are runners on base

Who and when was the first pitcher pitching from the stretch as opposed to the windup and when did it become mainstream in the big leagues?

nolan ryan

What does pitching out of the stretch mean?

When runners are on base, pitchers generally tend to pitch out of the stretch, meaning that they shorten the time it takes to prepare and throw a pitch. This is done to prevent base runners from stealing base. When there are no runners on base, pitchers tend to pitch out of the wind up.

What is the act of throwing a baseball to a batter?

The physical action of throwing a baseball to a batter is known as "Pitching." The act of pitching, throwing the ball to the batter, is regulated by many rules dependent on the situation. For instance, there are 2 types of windups, the "Stretch" and the "Full Windup" which starting pitchers will use both types depending if runners are on base and which base they occuppy, but "relief pitchers" will normally use the stretch position regardless of the situation.

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