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Plug Race or Dash for Cash

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Q: What is pattern called with only 1 barrel for barrel racing?
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Is math involved in barrel racing?

The only way math could be involved in barrel racing is if you look at it using physics.

Barrel Racing is a sport originally developed for women?

Barrel racing was designed for women, 8 out of 10 people that barrel race are female.

What is the best pony breed for barrel racing?

honestly you don`t use ponies for this event you use quarter horses mmmm i would disagree with that you can use ponies for young children in barrel racing. Pony of Americas is a very good pony breed for barrel racing. Quarter pony is also a very excellent breed for this sport! For barrel racing, English, pretty much any thing, i ride a nice, 14 hand paint pony. No only are ponies great because they aren't usually that long so they wont knok over the barrel, but ponies are known for their fire. a horse that has fire can do any thing it want. Ponies are often times usually pretty fast. But, Most stock horses, ponies, and Arabians can be a gaming horse.

Will there be a NASCAR 2010 for ps2?

There will not be a Nascar 2010, if there is it will be called Nascar 20XX or Thunder but the catch is it will only be cart racing.

Should you get a trail horse or barrel horse I want to barrel race but this will be my first horse would it be smarter to get a easy going horse instead of a barrel horse?

From my experience, barrel racing horses are often crazy, poorly trained horses that know only one thing: Run. They are often ridden with harsh bits because that's the only thing that can control them because again, they only know to run and that is all they've been trained to do. Not saying that all barrel racing horses are like that, but all that I've seen are. Not at all what you want for a first horse. You want an easy-going well-trained horse. I would advise a horse trained in reining. Horses trained for reining are super broke, calm, responsive well-trained horses. Not saying reining is the only way to get a horse like that, but any good reining horse is.

Are Mustang Cobra Jets made only for racing?

The Newer Cobra Jets Are only for Drag Racing and Are illegal on the street. Older Mustangs with the Cobra Jet Engine In it Were legal on the street and sometimes used for drag racing. So older Mustang Cobra Jets were not only made for racing but newer ones are only made for racing.

What is Arabian racing?

Its a kind of horse racing in which only Arabian horses are allowed.

What is that thing covering the horse eyes during racing?

The horse's eyes get covered by what is called a blinder. These help the horse concentrate only only the race

What is the difference between a thoroughbred and other horses?

thoroughbreds are used for racing- they have skinnier and longer legs made for running. quarter horses race 2, but they do barrel racing and only run 1/4 of a mile. i think thoroughbreds race anywhere from 3/4 of a mile to 2 miles

Why is Drag Racing called drag racing?

This is only an educated guess, but back in the early part of the 20th century, the main street in any given town was referred to as "the main drag". Since organized drag racing grew from street racing, if you challenged someone to race from one intersection to the next, you are racing on the "main drag", thus "Drag Racing". Now why the street in town was called the "main drag", well, that is another question to be answered elsewhere. Old Skool Racer

How many breeds of racing racing pigeons are there?

only 1 rock dove pigeons

What are facts about barrel racing?

Ok, this will be long. Barrel racing is a sport where mostly women race in a cloverleaf pattern and try to get the fastest time. The best horses for this sport tend to be quarter horses, but I, as a barrel racer, prefer palominos. It is important that the horses used have the athletic ability and are treated like athletes. This sport does not abuse horses because the horses used are properly trained and love what they do. MOST people that race a lot have backup horses as well so that their main horses can get a break. My horse is named Gold Dust and I think there are some really cool names out there. I also like the concept of a registered name and a barn name so I call my horse Firefly. I'm not at a super intense level so I only have one horse. Actually I am just starting but I have known a lot about the sport for a long time. Hope this helps. If you want to know more you should watch a barrel race vlog. I find it easier than explaining it to everyone to have them watch one.

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