What is out field means?

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if you are talking about Baseball or softball the outfield is the grass part behind the bases. There are 3 positions out there. Right field, Left field, and Center field.

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Q: What is out field means?
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What does agro mean in latin?

It means: Field. In English it means: super mad

What does Landscape means?

it means to have a field of land in scientific terms!

What does 'not dead' mean in field hockey?

It means nothing in field hockey.

What is the difference a research in the the field and in the laboratory?

The difference is in the field .... means actually on site - outside. Whereas in the laboratory means exactly that in the lab

What is sakura in English?

"Sakura" means cheery bloosom, "Haruno" means spring field so if you say "Sakura Haruno" it means spring field of cheery bloosom. But if you say "Haru no Sakura" it means cheery bloosoms in spring

What field of medicine is peripheral neuropathy?

Breaking down the word answers this question. Neuro means nerves, pathy means damage, and peripheral means on the surface. So the field is nerve medicine.

What does Kakashi hatake mean in English?

Kakashi means 'scarecrow' or 'figurehead'. Hatake means 'a field for crops (vegetable garden)', 'field of specialization' or 'birthplace'.

The direction of the electric field tells you what?

The polarity of the charge that made it. + or -. (+ means the field will be emitted outwards from the charge, while - means it will point inwards towards it.)

What does it mean when the field lines are closer together?

This means the intensity or strength of the field is greater.

What is a required field?

It means you have to put an answer into that field, or you won't be able to continue to the next screen.

What does Padan-aram mean in the bible?

It means "field" or more accurately: "field of Aram"

What does NM mean in track and field?

In field events, or heptathlon/decathlon, it means "no mark".

What word means to make a row in a farmer's field?

A furrow is a ploughed row in a field.

What is the meaning of the name Brinkley?

Thanks my last name. I read on a genealogy site it means "field in the forest". I have also read more recently that it means "in Brinca's field" whatever that means... Hope that helped.

What does sakura haruno mean in Japanese?

I know Sakura means cherry blossom, Haruno means Spring field.

What name means field?


What happens to the depth of field as your move from low power to high power?

Depth of field decreases from low to high. This means what you see under the microscope is blurry. If both objects are not blurry, this means you have high depth-of-field.

What it means when you say a substance is magnetic?

It means it is capable of responding to a magnetic field.

What does avina mean?

Avina is a Latin-American name it means 'from field of oats' or 'field of oats'

What is military expediency?

When you say "that was field expedient" means you made a gadget from things found in the field.

What does microscope field mean in science?

it means to see through the microscope on a field

What does the spanish word campesino called in English?

This derives from the word "el campo", which means "the countryside" or "the field". "Campesino" means "field worker" or "farm worker" or "peasant".

Why do you drain a taro field?

It separates and divides a field off a valley into sections of groups. Taro means divide. So therefore taro field is a divided organized field

What does the name randeep mean?

according to the Indian language 'ran' means war field and 'deep' means lamp. Combining the two words randeep is lamp of the war field

The word anesthesia means what?

anesthesia means the medical field dealing with the pains and surgery