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The backstroke.

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Q: What is only stroke were a race begins with the swimmers in the water?
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What difficulties do sharks have living in the water?

none they are great swimmers the only difficulties they have under water is when theygo in way to deep valys in the water you can only go down there in a sumberine you can`t come out or else you will be smashed.

Do they project the names into the end of the swimming pool at the Olympics?

The names of the swimmers are only shown on the TV screen, not actually projected on to the water.

Are mermaids the only mythical swimmers?


What is the penalty for a ball landing in the water?

There is no penalty for the ball landing in the water...only for taking it out without a stroke. Technically, (assuming "the water" means in a water hazard) you could play it out of the hazard (with certain restrictions). It might just barely be in the margin of the water and you might be able to play it out without penalty. Assuming you don't want to do that, THEN you take ONE penalty stroke for taking the ball out of the water. You drop (according to the type of hazard) and then play your next stroke. The usual count is "one in, two out" hit one stroke in the water, used one stroke taking it out, and then hit your next stroke (hitting 3).

At the 1994 Olympics which countries female swimmers tested for growth hormone How many swimmers were involved?

In 1994 there were only winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway.

Where does the apostrophe go when using the possessive apostrope for the swimmers trunks?

Swimmers' trunks if there are more swimmers. Swimmer's trunks if there's only one swimmer. The problem is that trunks is plural regardless of the number of the previous noun in the compound and so, from the context of this question, it cannot be distinguished whether there's one or more swimmers. Had it been "the swimmers' caps" it would be possible to derive that there are more swimmers. Alternately it would be "the swimmer's cap".

Do swimmers need balance?

Unless they're on the very edge of a diving board, I don't think they do. Yes, swimmers benefit from having a good sense of balance. They need to be acutely aware of their own position in the water, in the pool and in relation to other swimmers, whilst constantly moving their head to breathe. This can only come from an innate good sense of balance, which is essentially controlled from the inner ear.

Can you be pregnant if your boyfriend have small testicles?

Of course! The size of his testicles have nothing to do with it. The only thing that can affect his fertility is the condition of his sperm. a lot of swimmers, active swimmers.

How fast do tigers swim?

Yes. They are the only type of big cat that love the water so therefore there brilliant swimmers _____________________________________________________________ According to my information - yes - tigers can swim and they love water. Although they are cats they can swim and like the water. it's pretty strange Most domestic cats don't like going in the water, but there are a few breeds like the Turkish Van that love to go swimming. Likewise, some big cats like tigers like to swim - but they are not the only ones. Jaguars, for example, are also known as strong swimmers. Lions, on the other hand, don't seem to care much for the water although they are capable swimmers as well. When you consider the habitats of the big cats, you can usually guess which ones are the swimmers by considering how much water they have in their habitat. Lions, for example, are more savanna animals, while tigers are common in areas that have a lot of rivers.

Weakness of Rotorua?

The only 'weakness' of Lake Rotorua is possibly that because of its shallow depth the water is very prone to discolouration, especially from sediment following windy weather, making it unpopular with water sports participants and swimmers.

Is there a difference between a female and male swimmers?

no it only matters if they are good or bad.

What is a disorder that can cause a heart attack or stroke?

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