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You cradle the ball in Lacrosse so if someone hits your stick it is less likely to fall out.

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2010-10-05 00:14:18
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Q: What is one reason for cradling the ball in lacrosse?
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What is craddling in lacrosse?

Cradling, is a way of moving the ball from one side of the field to the other, like dribbling in basketball or dribbling with your feet in soccer. normally only girls cradle a lot in a game, boys don't as much.

Can you run with the ball in lacrosse?

Yes! Lacrosse is one of the fastest games on two feet.

What is a sentence using cradling?

Cradling his baby, the man dashed from the car through the rain and into the house. She was cradling her injured arm. No one has ever hosted a Baby Cradling Contest.

Is a lacrosse ball harder than a baseball?

A lacrosse ball is very different from a baseball. It is heavier and more bouncy. A baseball is light and stings when you get hit, a lacrosse ball is more of a thud since it is heavier. A lacrosse ball is not harder than a baseball, but it does hurt more when you get hit by one.

What is a ball stop in lacrosse?

ball stop in lacrosse is a piece of foam material that has an adhesive on one side that allows it to stick to the throat area of the lacrosse head. the ball stop allows players to catch passes and have the ball not bounce off of the bottom plastic.

What is a turnover in Lacrosse?

its when possession of the ball is switched from one team to another

How long can you hold the ball for in lacrosse?

well if your talking about the most popular form of lacrosse (field lacrosse, like the one in college) then you can technically hold the ball as long as you want to, If you are playing Box Lacrosse however, you have 30 seconds to take a shot (it resets after each shot) or you and your team will lose possesion of the ball.

What does a lacrosse ball boy do?

if a ball goes out to far he runs and gets it (before that he throws a new one in)

How do you make lacrosse mesh soft?

What I usually do is get a lacrosse ball and wherever i want to make a pocket or the mesh to be soft i just hold the lacrosse ball in my hand and hit there with the ball. or there is a trick called the ball and knife. first you put the ball in the spot where you want the mesh to be soft or to make a pocket and get a metal knife and put the knife over the ball through one of the holes in the head and out the other and the ball and the knife there for a day or so. make sure the knife is pushing the ball down. hopefully this helps

What games are played with a net on a stick and a ball?

The only one that comes to mind right now is lacrosse.

What is a caused turnover lacrosse?

when one removes the ball from the offensive player, ex. a check or a stolen pass

What is a lacrosse ball made of'?

Lacrosse balls are made out of solid indian rubber.

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