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One of the soccer regulations is good skills and TO KNOW HOW TO PLAY SOCCER if you didnt know that then your supa stupid

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Q: What is one of the soccer regulations?
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Dimensions of a professional soccer net?

FIFA sets the regulations for the size of the soccer nets (goals) for International soccer. The dimensions are 8 feet high and 24 feet wide. FIFA regulations state that the goal can be made from either metal or wood.

What are the regulations for soccer?

There are 17 Laws of the Game. They can be reviewed at the FIFA website, and a link is provided.

What has the author Guillaume Robin written?

Guillaume Robin has written: 'Football, Europe et regulations' -- subject(s): Soccer, Congresses, Law and legislation 'Football, Europe et regulations' -- subject(s): Soccer, Congresses, Law and legislation

What were the old rules for soccer?

the difference between ancient and modern rules for soccer/football are as follows: the new rules are stricter there is no physical violence allowed now there are regulations that must be followed

How much is one goal in soccer?

One goal in soccer is worth one point.

Where can one play soccer in Brazil?

There are many places where one can play the sport of soccer in Brazil. One can play the sport of soccer in Brazil at popular places such as the Brazilian Soccer Center.

In soccer what are the rules and regulations?

The Laws of the Game are published by FIFA, the world governing body of soccer. The English version of the 17 Laws of the Game can be reviewed by using the link that is provided. Surf it to the FIFA website.

WhoTop ten soccer highest paid soccer player in south Africa?

That one AMAZING soccer dude... (THATS ONE =])

Who is a soccer player?

A soccer player is one who plays the game of soccer. there are nearly 265 million soccer players in the world.

What is soccer ranked?

soccer is the number one sport in the world

How is soccer pronounced in british?

football/soccer either one

How many goals are there on a soccer field?

2 Two soccer goals are located on one soccer feild. One at each end of the pitch.

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