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Everything in gymnastic is hard. Gymnastic is a real sport and it's not easy.

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Q: What is one of the hardest gymnastic tricks to throw?
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Why is gymnastic an Olympics?

Because it's one of the hardest sports you can do.

How easy would you say doing an aerial is and as many people as possible answer this and only those who know how to do one?

An Aerial is a gymnastic trick that is a cartwheel without putting your hands on the ground. As with any gymnastic tricks, it will become easier with practice.

How do you do a flip on a skate board?

The Kickflip is the hardest of the basic skateboarding tricks, and one of the most popular skateboarding tricks to learn. Learning to kickflip first, before learning other skateboarding flip tricks, will help you in the long run.

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What is the meaning of tumbling?

To roll over, or to and fro; to throw one's self about; as, a person on pain tumbles and tosses., To roll down; to fall suddenly and violently; to be precipitated; as, to tumble from a scaffold., To play tricks by various movements and contortions of the body; to perform the feats of an acrobat., To turn over; to turn or throw about, as for examination or search; to roll or move in a rough, coarse, or unceremonious manner; to throw down or headlong; to precipitate; -- sometimes with over, about, etc.; as, to tumble books or papers., To disturb; to rumple; as, to tumble a bed., Act of tumbling, or rolling over; a fall.

Is a 360 flip one of the hardest tricks?

I have to say no!! well it's depends on the skater, if the skater committed to it than it's pretty easy if not than gonna takes some practice

What does the term 900 mean in skateboarding?

When a skateboarder refers to a 900, they are referring to an aerial spin. It is performing a spin with two and a half rotations while on their skateboard. It is one of the hardest tricks a skateboarder can perform.

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