What is one famous football player that still plays?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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To name a few: Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Adrian Peterson, Brett Favre, Terrel Owens. Numba 1 answer is TROY POLUMALU

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Q: What is one famous football player that still plays?
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Is David Beckham still famous for his football skills?

Yes he is famous for his football skills , so he is still the richest footballer.

What is Rebecca Bulley famous for?

Rebecca Bulley was born on August 18, 1982. She is famous for being an Australian international netball player. She still plays as a defence circle player.

Who is oldest player in the GMFL to have played semi pro football?

There is a guy named Phillip McInnes- Diveley who plays in the Great Midwest Football League who is 47, who still plays to this day for the Midwest Chargers Semi Pro football Team From St. Louis MIssouri.

How many plays can a ncaa baseball player play and still be redshirted?

If you play one inning you cannot be redshirted. Baseball is different from football.

How do you transfer football players in FIFA football 2004?

Seriously who still plays Fifa 04?

Has Alessandro Nesta retired from football?

He has retired from international football, but he still plays for AC Milan.

Famous christian soccer player who is still alive?

Kaka is a famous Brazilian christian soccer player who as of 2010 is still part of the Brazilian world cup team and also plays for Real Madrid. He is a devout evangelical christian and talks about his faith a lot.

Is Pablo Sanchez still a football player?


Is rod smith still football player?


Is Tom Brady still football player?


What is John Fraser famous for?

The most infamous John Fraser was a serial killer who lived in Australia. Other less violent but still famous John Frasers were a Scottish botanist and a Scottish football player.

Who is the most famous soccer player?

Messi may be the best player, but Pele is still the most famous.