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they have diffrent rules

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Q: What is one different in how basketball was originally played compared to how it is played now?
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What is one difference in how basketball was originally played compared to how it is played now?

they had different rules (:

What was basketball originally played with?

James Naismith, the inventor of basketball, played basketball with a soccer ball and peach basket.

What is one difference in how the game basketball was originally played?

Originally, there was no 3-point line.

What was used for the first basketball rim?

Basketball was originally played with a peach basket without the bottom hense the name "basket"ball

What impact did basketball make for the English people?

Basketball is played in English schools, but it is still a small sport compared to Soccer. Not that many English people watch Basketball.

In what country was basketball invened?

Basketball was invented by a gym teacher in Massachusetts in 1891. It was originally played using peach baskets and a soccer ball, evolving later into the sport as it is played today.

Was Ben Watson was an undrafted tight end who originally played basketball and never played football until patriot tryouts?

No he was drafted in the first round of the 2004 draft, I don't think he ever played basketball

How has basketball been adapted for different contexts?

Basketball has been adapted in a number of different ways for different contexts. For example basketball has been adapted to be played by people who are wheelchair bound.

How is basketball different in the past then now?

James Naismith invented the game and it was originally played with a soccer ball and two peach bushel baskets, from which the game took its name.You're welcomee!!Hope this helps :)

When did Basketball start to be a competition?

When it was invented James naismith decided that basketball would be played between two different teams

What aretwo nouns about basketball?

The two nouns that form basketball are the ball and the basket. The game was originally played by nailing a bushel basket to a pole, which has since been replaced by the hoop and net.

Is basketball the most played sport?

No. The sport with the most players is currently Football (Soccer); which has over two hundred and fifty million players, world wide. However; basketball was originally played using a football (Soccer ball).

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