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It's really not possible to say, since each sport plays a different amount of games during their respective season (from 8 home games in the NFL to 81 home games in MLB).

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Q: What is on Soccer winning percentage at home?
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What sports team has the best winning percentage?

Which sport are you talking about. Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Football, Etc.......

What NFL quarterback has the highest winning percentage at home in history?

John Elway

What is the rpi based on?

The RPI or Ratings Percentage Index is used to determine the relative strength of college basketball teams. It consists of three factors. 1. winning percentage 2. opponents winning percentage 3. opponents opponents winning percentage. Home games are weighed at 1.3 and road games at 0.7.

What are the top ten 2012 nba teams?

currently 1. thunder 80.6 winning percentage 2.bulle 78.9 winning percentage 3. heat 77.8 winning percentage 4.spurs 69.4 winning percentage 5. pacers 64.7 winning percentage

How do you calculate RPI in college basketball?

The RPI calculates 3 percentages: team's winning percentage, opponents' winning percentage, and opponents' opponents' winning percentage.?To calculate?the team's winning percentage:Wins: home wins * 0.6 + road wins * 1.4 + neutral wins?Losses: road losses * 0.6 + home losses * 1.4 + neutral losses?Then calculate your winning percentage using wins / (wins + losses). This % is weighted 25%.Opponents' winning percentage is calculated using the exact same method as shown above, however exclude all games played with the team (that's RPI is being calculated). This % is then weighted 50%.?Opponents' opponents' winning percentage is calculated by the average of the team's oppenents adjusted winning %. Simply, use the same method above for calculating the oppenents' winning percentage, however using it for the opponents' opponent and excluding only the team once again (not the opponent). Repeat this method for each team, and average the winning percentage. This % is then weighted 25%.?Finally, add up all scaled RPI points, and get a total RPI ranking.

Which is the winning team of the soccer championships?


What is the University of Kentucky Basketball's overall Winning Percentage?

Their overall winning percentage is .766 or 76%.

What is the Philadelphia Eagles winning percentage?

The Philadelphia Eagles have a .483 all-time winning percentage.

What is the winning percentage of a team who has a record of 12-7-2?

Assuming that the 2 represents ties, the winning percentage is .619 Assuming that the 7 represents ties, the winning percentage is .738

What is Vince Young winning percentage?

His record as a starter is presently 26-13, for a .663 winning percentage.

What was the winning percentage for the NY Mets in 2010?

The New York Mets' winning percentage in 2010 was .488.

What is my winning percentage is i got 14 right and 6 wrong?

Your percentage is 70. I cannot tell if that is winning.