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the idea for soccer started in 1004bc but a real game wasn't actually played till 611bc. Track and Field started in 776bc

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Q: What is older track and field or soccer?
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Favorite sport in maroc?

soccer track and field

Where are the sports played in Ethiopia?

track n field and maybe soccer

Why is sports important in the 1920s?

One reason why recreational activities, such as baseball, flourished during the twenties is simple economics. Since the upper and middle class were doing well financially, people had disposable incomes. The extra money made it possible for people to spend it on baseball and "fun," whereas before the financial windfall of the twenties people would spend all of their money on necessities like food, housing, etc. It is because people in the twenties were open to new ideas and wanted to do different things

What sports use catapult?

gymnastics, Track and Field(pole valting) ,lacroose, Baseball, Basketball, soccer, volleyball

What are the five sports in Summer?

Boxing,soccer,Baseball,Tennis,Track and Field

What are the two most played sports in Africa?

Football(soccer) and track and field

Length of a track around a soccer field?

The length of a track around a football field is exactly 400 meters.

An oval track surrounded by grandstands?

Many track and field competitions are held on an oval track surrounded by grandstands. It is not unusual for the center of the track to do double-duty as a football, baseball, soccer, or other type of sports field.

Is the track field and the football field the same field?

U will see that in almost all high schools.The track is built around the football field and the field events during a track meet take place on the football field.Tracks can also be built around soccer fields.