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Q: What is off site in football?
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Is off-site or off site correct?

Both off-site and off site are correct in different circumstances. E.g. "I am taking the car off site." "Fred's not here because he's an off-site worker"

What is the best football game site?

All football games

Best site to watch football online?

Where can you find a site for Arsenal Reserve highlights?

football-talk site

Where can you buy football shirts in nz?

If by NZ you mean New Zealand, the best place to get football shirts would be online. It's cheaper and as long as you buy off a reliable site, it's easier.

What is the site called that you can whach football games?

football stadium, pub or sofa.

Is off site one word?

Yes, but it is hyphenated off-site.

What is the kick off called in English football?

It is called a kick-off in English football.

What can one do on the website of Uga Football?

While visiting the site of Uga Football a subscriber can learn about Georgia University's football team. This is the official site for the school's football team and host apparel, tickets and virtual tours of the stadium.

In touch football what are 3 situations that result in a penalty tap and a roll ball?

Tap: dummy half caught, off site, change over

What internet site have fantasy football?

Yahoo does

Is the LFC Online site affiliated with the Liverpool football team?

The LFC Online site is, in fact, affiliated with the Liverpool football team. For more information about the team or the coaches, check out the LFC Online site.

When do you hyphenate Off site?

You are supposed to hyphenate compound adjectives. Off-site Data Center. Off-Site is an adjective that describes the Data Center. It can be an off-site data center or a data center that is located off site. The only exception is if the first adjective ends in "ly" like highly recommended. Which off-site data center does not. See the Wiki. Another way to remember it is you can't have an "off" data center or a "site" data center. You need the hyphen to connect off-site in order for it to describe the data center.

Who has the best football pictures site?

ryan giggs

What site is good for watching free tv?


What companies operate football pools?

Online there is a site called The Football Pools. These site offers users the option to enter football pools online. It also offers other services like lotteries and slot games.

What yard line does college football kick off from?

College football kicks off at the 35-yard line.

What is date of football league play off 2008?

What is the date of the football league 2 play off final

What is an antonym for site?

Annex, branch, off-site

When transporting food off site how should information be communicated to off site staff?

Labels on food

Can a player get sent off at the end of a football match?

Football as in soccer: Yes Football as in the american sport: No

What is the history of the sport football?

Go to the following web site:

What are the new football rules and regulations for the current year?

Check this site for the latest football rules;

What is difference between on-site and off-site?

off-site is very Glenna site that's not good But on-site is very must because all lines are open to submit the form, to take any type of information and etc.

What means in the location separate from the computer site?

Off-site means in a location separate from the computer site. In the world of computing, the acronym TLS stands for Transport Layer Security.

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