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The Queen or the Bishop

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Q: What is next to the king in chess?
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In chess can a king move next to a king?

No. The king guards the squares so you can't.

Which chess piece is placed in the middle of the first rank next to the King?

It is queen.

Are you supposed to take the king in chess?

In some types, such as dark chess the goal is to capture the opposing king. But in classic chess, you only have to make sure that the enemy king can be captured in the next move, regardless of any move your opponent can play.

What can the king capture?

In chess, a king can capture any other piece except another king. Getting next to a the opposing king puts you in check because it allows your king to be taken first losing the game. Moving next to the opposing queen is the same situation unless the queen moves next to the king as some sort of sacrifice ploy.

What 2 pieces stand next to king in chess?

The Queen and a Bishop stand adjacent to the King at the start of the game .

What chess piece is placed in the middle of the first rank next to king?

The Queen of course!

When was Chess King created?

Chess King was created in 1968.

When did Chess King end?

Chess King ended in 1995.

When was Chess or the King's Game created?

Chess or the King's Game was created in 1616.

Can you take a king in chess?

Yes , that is the purpose of the game of chess - to capture your opponent's king .

Can a pawn capture a King in the game of chess?

Technically, the king is never actually "captured" in chess. That said, a pawn can certainly be used to put a king in "check", though unless the pawn is protected by some other piece the king can simply capture the pawn on its next move.

What is goal of chess game?

The goal of chess is to capture your opponent's King .The goal of a chess game is to put the opponent king in Check Mate.

Does one win by placing his king on opponent's king place in chess?

No , winning the game of chess requires the capture of the king .

Can a king kill a king in the game of chess?

yes, if your king is protected by other chess pieces but that's called getting a checkmate if you capture a king by a king

Can a king draw a game of chess?

Yes, as long as the king gets to the enemy side of the chess board.

What does the website Chess King Training provide?

The website Chess King Training has a game where you can prove your chess playing skills. There are also some chess products and software that are available for purchase.

What happens in chess if the king moves into a position which it can be hit?

if the king moves into a position which it can be hit and the player has taken his fingers of the chess piece than the other player (if they have a chess piece that can hit the king) can hit the king

What is a check in a chess game?

A check in chess is when your opponent's king is in danger.

Can a king forfeit in chess?

No the king can't forfeit

What pieces can kill a king in chess?

anything but a king

What does the king do in the Harry Potter chess set?

the king in harry potter chess moves 1 space anywhere

What is the most important piece in the game chess?

The most important is the king . The capture of the king is the goal of the game of chess .

You have just captured a king in chess?

This is an example of an impossible scenario in chess. You can never capture a king; you can only checkmate it.

Can the queen kill the king at chess?

Yes , the queen can capture the king and this ends the game since the king's capture is the goal of the game of chess .

Does the king face the queen in chess?

In chess , once the pieces are set up , at the beginning of the game where they face their counterparts such as king opposite king .