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Q: What is name of second runner up to valedictorian?
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What is the name of the third person who wins in a competition?

The third place win is usually referred to as the second runner up. The winner is first, the runner up is second, the second runner up is third.

Who was the runners-up team?

well a runner up is in second place so any team that is in second place is a runner up team

What are the synonyms for second?

next, runner-up

WHAT IS Runners moved up in baseball box score?

it means that all the runners move up a base, like runner on first move to second and the runner on second move up to third etc.

What is another word for runner-up?

Second place,after first,second bestsecond rateloser

What do you csall the second person in a race?

Runner up or 1st loser.

Does the batter get a sacrifice if the runner on first tags and goes to second?

Yes as long as the runner advances Assuming you mean the runner tags up on a fly ball and advances to second, it is not scored as a sacrifice, but, simply as a fly out and the batter is charged with a time at bat. If the batter bunt a ground ball, the runner would not be required to "tag up" to advance and the batter would be credited with a sacrifice. If the batter is attempting a sacrifice bunt and pops up and the runner, tags up and somehow advances to second the batter is not credited with a sacrifice.

Is there such a call as runner enterference in baseball?

Yes. Most runner interference calls are made on the runner sliding into the second baseman or shortstop to break up a double play.

If there is a runner on second why do you throw to first and get the batter out and let the second base runner advance to third?

The out to third is more risky, and you might end up with two men on vs an easy out.

What is the prize for achieving second place in the FIFA World Cup?

$24 million for runner up.

Who came in second for Miss Universe 2008?

The 1st runner up was Taliana Vargas from Colombia.

Who is the first and second runner ups of miss universe 2008?

In the 2008 Miss Universe contest, the 1st runner up was Taliana Vargas (from Columbia), and the 2nd runner up was Marianne Cruz (from the Dominican Republic). The winner was Dayana Mendoza (from Venezuela).