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There are more than one :

  • Surfing is one of them. There is no other sport where there is a chance you may be eaten by a SHARK.
  • Horseback riding is anther. You could fall off and crack your head open and your horse would keep going.
  • Bull riding is anther danger. You could be kicked into the air and the bull could stomp on you and crush your rib cage.
  • Bungie jumping - if your strap snaps or breaks you might die
  • Snowmobiling - you could be riding along in the snow and (boom) hit a rock and go flying
  • Another dangerous sport is swimming, if you get a cramp and no lifeguard's around
  • Dirt biking or fourwheeling : if you don't make the ramp, you might get badly injured.

A Bit More Analysis

There are many dangerous sports and pursuits. Some involve other human participants (hockey), animals (rodeo, and occasionally surfing), or natural hazards (extreme skiing and Snowboarding, skydiving).

For the sheer number of injuries in each : Rugby, bullriding, and gymnastics top the lists.

For the number of fatalities : auto and boat racing (in all classes)

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Top ten:

1. Horseback Riding

2. Bull Riding

3. Rugby

4. Soccer

5. Cave Diving

6. Lacrosse

7. Extreme Luging

8. Hockey

9. Basketball

10. Gymnastics
1.lawn bowl these are in order from most dangerous to least

2.base jumping

3.horseback riding

5.rock climbing



9.cave diving

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These are sports that report the most catastrophic injuries

1.Horseback Riding



4.Bull Riding


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Rugby, American football, and soccer are considered the three most aggressive professional sports in the world. This answer is more of an opinion than a fact.

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Russian Roulette because if you lose then you apparently die

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football basketball and other sports

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Q: What is most violent sport in the world?
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