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College Football is more watched. Football is the most famous sport in the US and is the most watched by far.

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Q: What is more watched college basketball or football?
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Which sport is watched more football or basketball?

it must be football

What is more watched professional football or college football?

professional football by a mile

Is hockey more watched then football basketball nd baseball?

Hell no

What more popular college football or basketball?

i would have to say football

What sports are Kansas known for?

Kansas is known for college basketball and football, but more for college basketball.

Which is watched more NCAA basketball or NBA?

Throughout the entire season, the NBA is watched more than the NCAA basketball. However, at certain times, this statistic changes. For instance, during March Madness, college basketball is easily more watched. During the NBA playoffs, the NBA basketball is more watched. However, throughout the entire season, the NBA is more watched.

What is most popular college football or college basketball?

College football is more popular, by total views on the television network.

Why isn't college baseball as popular as college football and basketball?

It varies, but in general, college baseball is not something enjoyed by the general public, the public enjoys more football and basketball for college.

Which is watched more Baseballs or Basketball?


Which is watched more soccer or football?


What is watched more around the world hockey or basketball?

The Most watched Sport in the World is Soccer Following by Hockey and basketball

Who pays more basketball or football?


Is basketball more popular than football?

Football (Soccer) and American Football is more popular than basketball

Who is more athletic football or basketball player?

definitely Football is more athletic than basketball

Is hockey or football watched more?


Which has more injuries football or basketball?


Is there more rules in basketball or football?


Is football or basketball more physical?

it depends what type of foot ball if its flag football then basketball if not football

Who run more football or basketball players?


Who earns more football or basketball players?


Are pro or college sports watched more?

College sports are typically more watched than pro sports. This is because there are a lot of college sports fans.

Why is basketball more popular than football?

Basketball is no were near as popular as football what are you talking about?!!!

What is the most watch sport wrestling or football?

Football is a more watched sport.

Is basketball watched more than any other sport?

No, soccer is the most watched sport in the world.

Do more people get injured in American football or basketball?

Considering that there are more players on a football team than a basketball team.. yes its possible that there are more injuries occurring in American football than basketball