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American Football holds the most popularity in the United States, while Football (Soccer) holds among the least of organized professional sports leagues. Around the world, Soccer holds a very high level of popularity while American Football does not.

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European football (Soccer) has always been more popular than American football. In Europe, football is the most popular sport, with some teams netting over 1 billion dollars a season. In America, soccer as it is called, has grown in popularity over the years, but is still far behind football (American), Baseball, and Basketball.

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It's a matter of personal opinion and numbers following a sport does not equate correct, but merely more opinions tilted in favor of said sport.

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It is soccer of course, you see American football is popular in the U.S.A only, soccer is a world wide game , even ladies.

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Q: What is more popular football or American football?
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What is England national game?

Football is probably more popular. (That's soccer, not American Football!)

What is more popular Ice hockey or American Football?

American football more positions and better contact

Do more people watch tennis or football?

either football, that is American football or English football, both are more popular than tennis.

Is Nascar the most popular sport in the US?

Is nascar more popular than football? no i say.

What is the Percent of soccer fans vs football fans?

Worldwide, there are literally billions more people who play and watch football than those who watch American football. The US is the only country where American football is more popular than football.

Where is American football most popular now?

new england American football is most popular in nowhere but America.

What sports are popular in Honduras?

football, baskettball, and American football

What is the most popular sport in the uSA?

This is really oppinionated. But think American football is the most popular. I think american football is more popular sports among citizens. Even though in China, talk most is the NBA. but in real citizens life, American football is more popular:)

Is football more populare than basketball?

That depends on whether you mean to play or to watch. To play, basketball is much more popular due to its less aggressive nature. One can also pick up a ball and play anytime as little equipment is required. Football is probably more popular to watch.

What is the popular name of football in the US?

In the USA you have American football and soccer.

Do they have a popular sport in Norway?

people are football crazy! (not American football)

What American sport is most popular?