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Yuan is the currency of China. Money in Chinese is 钱

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Q: What is money called in Chinese?
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What is the money called in Chinese?


What is Chinese paper money called?


What was ancient chinese money called?

Bare dolla fam.

What was acient chinese paper money made of?

If it is called "paper money", then presumably, it was made from paper.

How do you write the word paper money in Chinese?

Paper money is commonly called 钞票 chao(1) piao(4) in Mandarin.

Who invented Chinese paper money?

the chinese invented paper money

History of Chinese money?

the first Chinese money was coin, befor paper

What does renminibi mean in Chinese?

just like U.S. money in English ,its Chinese money.

How much is 5 dollars Chinese money worth in American money?

In America,$5.00 Chinese money is worth $00.80

What is the difference between Chinese money and American money?

Chinese money is on a scale of #-1 is 4.617 times more expensive

What is the name of Chinese money?

Chinese Yuan

How much money is in Chinese money?

Bobby Ray is chinese har har har har....

How is the Chinese word lei sees pronounced?

Red envelopes (or red pocket money, which is given every Chinese New Years) is called lai see (利市/利是) in Cantonese but is called 紅包 hóngbāo in M​​andarin.

Why are Chinese lanterns called Chinese lanterns?

It is believed that the Chinese first invented lanterns.So it is called Chinese lantern.

What is the currency money used in china?

Chinese currency is called the "yuan", also called the Ren Men Bi, or people's money. It is abbreviated RMB. Today, one US dollar is worth approximately 6.7 RMB.

Did the Greeks invent money?

No, the Chinese invented paper money during the Song dynasty and also had a credit system called "flying money" during the Tang dynasty. The Romans invented gold coins.

What is the Chinese celebration called?

what is the Chinese celebratiion called

What is the Chinese handwriting called?

Chinese handwriting is called Chinese Calligraphy or more specifically Kanji.

What were the achievements of the Tang and Song Dynasties?

Chinese governmentroads and waterwayscommerce(paper,money, trade,ect.gunpowderpoetryartagricultureporcelain

What is a Chinese dog called?

A Chinese Dog is called a Peke.

What did shihuangi do to unify China?

he built the tradinal Chinese money since in that time china had diffrent types of money so he made Chinese money the same

How much is 20000 Chinese money in us money?

At the moment: 20000 Chinese Yuan equals 2901.75 US Dollar

Whose the guy pictured on the Chinese money notes?

The guy pictured in Chinese money note is Mao Dezong the formere Chinese leader

How was ancient Chinese paper money used?

It was used when china had invaders coming, this paper money protected them and the Chinese gave the invaders some money to go away.

What did Chinese people do with ancient Chinese money for?

they are people from outer space