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Cricket from central wicket? lol

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2013-05-16 04:30:59
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Q: What is measurement of wide ball in cricket from central wicket?
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What is l b w in cricket?

Leg Before Wicket. It's where the leg is in between the ball and the wicket and the ball hits the leg. It is classified as if the ball had actually hit the wicket. See related link for more information.

In cricket if no ball is thron and batsman is heat wicket he is out or not out?

Not out. Only way to get batsman out when a no ball is thrown is run out.

What are the rules for wicket in cricket?

The ways of getting out are bowled, caught, run out, stumped, leg before wicket, handling the ball, obstructing the fielder, timed out and hit wicket.

How do you use a bat in cricket?

A - to stop ball hitting wicket B - to score runs

How do you use a cricket bat?

A - to stop ball hitting wicket B - to score runs

What is pad in cricket?

The 'Pad' in Cricket, is the protective object placed on from just above your foot to above your knee. When a ball hits the pad in from of the wicket this is known as LBW (Leg Before Wicket) which means, Your out!

What are the things needed to play cricket?

The things needed to play cricket are bat ,ball, wicket 22 players,umpires and skills to play cricket.

Out in cricket?

There are 6 ways in cricket in which you can get out in cricket: 1)Bowled-The ball hits the stumps then the person playing the role of the batsman is out 2)Caught-The ball touches any part of the bat and is caught in One's hand before it falls on the ground then you are caught 3)Run out there are creases in cricket.When you hit the ball you take a run . if the fielder throws the ball and hits the wicket before you reach the other crease you are run out. The non-strike batsman can also be run-out if he is outside his crease. 4)Leg Before Wicket (LBW).If your leg is in the line of the wicket and the ball hits your leg instead of hitting the wicket then you are out LBW 5)stumped-As I said there are creases in cricket when you go down your crease and hit it goes a great shot! But if you miss and don't return until the wicket keeper hits the wicket then you are out! 6)Hit wicket-By chance while playing a shot your bat touches the wicket and the bails on the wicket fall off you are out

In cricket when the ball hits the wicket but the bails don't fall is the batsman out?

no because the bails have to be dislodged to be out!

What is run out in cricket?

A batsman running for a run and fielder throws the ball to the wicket and hits it before the batsman completes the run is run out in cricket.

What does ibw mean in cricket?

Leg before wicket-when your leg covers the wicket when the ball hat hit the leg. Only taken into concideration when the batsman is not playing a shot and when the ball has pitched in line with the wickets.

What sport does the wicket feature?

The wicket features in the sport cricket. It has several different meanings such as the dismissal of the bats man. The bats man is usually guarding the wicket with his bat, attempting to prevent the ball from hitting it.

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