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sport means a type of game that is played by a team or individual, fuUck OFF

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Q: What is meant by sport specific knowledge?
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Should all sport coaches have to have experience in playing that sport?

Well, they should have knowledge of the sport, yes, but they do not have to be a participant in the sport. However, taking part in the sport gives more experience and knowledge, so it would be the better option to choose a coach who has played the sport and has knowledge over a coach who has not played the sport but has knowledge.

What does sport specific training mean?

It means training for a specific sport.

What is the cultural sport of Philippines?

to my knowledge the cultural sport of the Philippines is "SIPA"

What is meant by common knowledge?

Common knowledge - facts or knowledge widely known and undisputed.

What is knowledge in sport?

to have fun and challenge people

Why are sport specific skills important?

specific skills in sports are important because skills turn into performance. Such as athletic ability, knowledge, experience and God given ability. Examples are leaping, speed, coordination and teamwork :)

What sport can you not were white?

There is no sport in which you can't where the colour white. At least that's what my knowledge tells me.

What does mental rehearsal mean?

its meant for a sport i think

What is the difference between sport and sports?

Well sport is supposed to refer to one sport and sports is plural and is meant to talk of more than one sport

Which sport will kick off the games in 2012?

football to my knowledge

What is a sport doctor?

A sport doctor is on a sport team and helps the players with their injuries and stretches and also know as sport medicine. A real doctor has more knowledge and experience than sport doctor.

Is Germany renowned for a specific sport?


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