What is man uniteds stadium?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What is man uniteds stadium?
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What stadium is Manchester uniteds?

Old Trafford.

Who is man uniteds goalie?

Edwin van der sar

Which country is man uniteds player Nani was born in?


What was colchester uniteds new football ground called before weston homes community stadium?

Layer Road

How many hectares will be required in order to build a soccer stadium?

Uniteds is 16 Wigans is 13 Sheffields is 9

Who are man uniteds top 3 rivials?

Chelsea, Arsenal,Liverpool ( In EPL)

Who is man uniteds all time top scorer?

Sir Bobby Charlton

Who did man uniteds highest ever away attendance come against in the league?

Since the Premier League began, the highest away attendence for United came against Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium. 60,161 attended the game.

What do you mean by man uniteds goalie?

Van Der Sar ofcource but wen he retirerz it will be lindergaard

Who was man uniteds top goalscorer in a season?

1963/64 season Denis Law scored 46 goals in a season.

Who scored Manchester uniteds 1000th premiership goal?

christiano ronaldo when man utd got beat 4-1 by middlesboro

What city is man city stadium in?

The Manchester City stadium is in the City Manchester. The name of the stadium is The City of Manchester Stadium.