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earvin johnson

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โˆ™ 2012-02-19 03:11:58
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Q: What is magic johsons real name?
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Real name of magic?

If you mean "Magic" Johnson, his real name is Earven Johnson Jr.

What is mc magic real name?

Magic Jackson

What is mc magic's real name?

What is M.C Magic's name from the Nb Ridaz?

What was magic Johnson real name?

no it is not his real name. his old teacher gave him that nick name.

Magic's real name?

mr.magicl walter

What is magic Johnson's real first name?


What is magic Johnsons real name?

Ervin Johnson

What is Magic's real name?

earvin effay Johnson jr.

Where is Lyndon B Johsons cemetry?


Are there real schools of magic?

No. Magic is not real.

Is Halloween magic real?

NO, Halloween magic is NOT real. Holloween is a fictional event and should not be accepted as real magic.

What is Magic Johnson's real name?

Earvin Effay Johnson, Jr. Earn Effay "Magic" Johnson Jr.

Whais a magician do?

a magician is someone who performs illusions, an illusionist is a better name as they do not perform real magic, but rather the illusion of magic.

What makes REAL magic?

Nothing, magic is not REAL.

Is the author of the Rainbow Magic series name really Daisy Meadows?

No. this is a pen name for the rainbow magic series. Her real name is unknown to the public. you can email her about it on, but she might tell you that it is her own business.

Are magic schools real?

Not real magic but for elisions yes

Is the Harry Potter magic real?

No, magic isn't real.

Is Harry Potter magic real?

No, magic isn't real.

Do you believe in real magic?

Yes! real magic is true!!!!!sometimes only to those who believe though.The tooth fairy, Santa and his reindeer, elves, pixies, you name it. If you believe in it then real magic is TRUE!

Is there proof magic's real?

Magic is real. since it's basically illusions and illusions are definitely real.

When was Real Magic TV created?

Real Magic TV was created in 2001.

Do you have magic?

Yes. Magic is real.

Are magic and spells real?

Magic spell can be real if you believe but the thing is its just my opinion

Does Harry Potter know how to do real magic?

no. The character does but magic is not real.

What is the duration of Real Magic TV?

The duration of Real Magic TV is 1800.0 seconds.