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Loft may range from 19 degree to 60 degree depending on the specs of the iron.

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Q: What is loft on new Taylor made burner irons?
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Where can one purchase Taylor made burner irons?

One can purchase Taylor made burner irons at some online sport stores or at some sports stores such as Big 5, Walmart, or at any store that has a sport section in it.

Where is it possible to purchase Taylor Made Burner Irons?

It is possible to purchase TaylorMade Burner Irons from a number of retailers. These include specialist golf retailers such as Golfsmith and Golf Discount as well as larger general retailers such as Amazon and eBay.

What is the loft Taylor made r7 sand wedge?

56 degree loft

Where can Taylor Made r7 irons be purchased?

Taylor Made R7 irons can be purchased on the official Taylor Made website. They also offer various products that can accessorize your iron to customize it.

The loft of taylormade 2009 burner irons?

I found this information for the Taylor Made Burner XDs. * #4 (21-degree loft; 61.5-degree lie angle; 6.7mm offset) * #5 (23-degree loft; 62-degree lie angle; 6.3mm offset) * #6 (26-degree loft; 62.5-degree lie angle; 6mm offset) * #7 (30-degree loft; 63-degree lie angle; 5.7mm offset) * #8 (34-degree loft; 63.5-degree lie angle; 5.3mm offset) * #9 (39-degree loft; 64-degree lie angle; 5mm offset) * PW (44-degree loft; 64.5-degree lie angle; 4.7mm offset) * SW (49-degree loft; 64.5-degree lie angle; 2mm offset)

What is the difference between Golf irons compared to fairway woods?

Irons generally have steel shafts, which are shorter than woods. Irons have more loft amd the heads are a lot smaller. Woods have less loft, longer shafts which are made of graphite. The heads on woods are bigger. Woods go a lot further than irons, generally.

What is the loft of a Taylor made r7draw pitching wedge?

Most pitching wedges are around 48 degrees loft

Does Taylor Made have a burner plus 52 degree wedge?


What loft is the rescue 4 Taylor made golf club?

19 degrees

Where are Ann Taylor stores located?

There are 981 Ann Taylor stores in the US. These are made up of 278 dedicated Ann Taylor stores, 101 Factory stores, 510 Loft stores, and 92 Loft outlet stores. There are also retail outlets at both the Ann Taylor website and the Loft website.

What is the diffences between iron and woods in the game golf?

Irons have thin heads and woods have wide long heads. Irons have shorter shafts which are usually made of steel, where as woods have longer shafts usually made of graphite. Woods have usually a lot less loft than irons.

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