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They are the Assistant Referees

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Q: What is line official called in rugby?
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What is the name given to a rugby referees?

They are called Rugby referees. They are assisted by 2 Assistant referees and a Television Match official (TMO)

When was Leamington to Rugby Line created?

Leamington to Rugby Line was created in 1851.

What was wheelchair rugby called?

It is simply called wheelchair rugby but it was called rugby wheelchair to

Who founded rugby and why?

William Webb-Ellis from Rugby (the town) school in England. Whilst playing football he picked up the ball and put it over the goal line. this is where holding the ball and putting it over the line came from. The word try came from whe William put the ball over the line he said to the official 'was that a goal sir?' and then the official replied 'no but it was a good try'. A spectator watching thought that this could be made into a game and re made the rules and called the game Rugby from its founded area. William Webb-Ellis is well known as he is the full name of the rugby world cup 'the William webb-Ellis cup.'

What is the official name of the Rugby World Cup trophy?

The Webb Ellis Cup is the official name of the Rugby World Cup trophy.

Where is rugby from?

Rugby originated in a private school called Rugby School in a town called Rugby in England.

What is the official name of the line in a fraction?

It's called a vinculum.

What Country is Rugby played the most?

Rugby Union is the official sport of New Zealand.

What is the nickname for England rugby team?

The England rugby team doesn't have an official nickname

Why do you think is called rugby?

The game was conceived in Rugby School, Rugby in Worwickshire England. It was called Rugby Rules at first then shortened to Rugby

What are the players of rugby called?

Rugby Players

What is the official emblem of new zealand rugby?

The Silver Fern is the official emblem of the New Zealand national rugby team - also known as the All Blacks.

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