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No, you're not allowed to move with the ball

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the goal shooter (GS) and the goal attack (GA) are the only players on court allowed to shoot, the goal keeper (GK) and the goal defence (GD) try to stop the shooters from shooting.

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Yes you can \

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Q: What is jumping technique in netball?
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How is anaerobic power used in Netball?

Short quick bursts of energy, like jumping or leading.

How is netball phsical?

netball is very physical it involves a lot of dodging, jumping, sprinting; it also involves alot of thinking and tatics.. hope that helps :)

Three basic sections for netball skills and technique?

Well for me its speed, ability and teamwork

What skill would a defending player use in netball?

jumping, catching, running, blocking, throwing and passing - i think that's all of them.

Why is ATP-PC used in netball?

ATP-PC system is used for high intensity short bursts of energy such as sprinting... In netball it is used when leading for the ball or the centre driving to the circle. it can also be used when jumping for a high pass.

What joints do you use when playing netball?

condyloid joint - helps you pivot around on your feet to pass the ball to one of your team members. Hinge joint - allows you to put power into throwing ball when you push out your arms,this could be when your are a technique e.g. chest pass bounce pass

Why does netball need muscular power?

You can have muscular power when your jumping vertically up to try and defend and get the ball. PS: I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER <3

What are the six movement categories within the horton technique?

walking, running, leaping, jumping, gliding, skipping

What joint movement are used in netball?

the sort of physical movements that take place are stop and start. the jumping in areas, that are unexpected, and the dodging are the movements that centers, usually play with/do.resource: i play netball and am a center.

What physical quality can be useful in a goal keepers position in netball?

Long arms, able to be intimadating (within the rules), tall and defensive, quick, good at jumping, tactically aware

What is the venue for netball?

you play netball on a netball court :)

Double teaming in netball?

A defence technique where usually GD and GK will team up on either the GA or GS. used mainly when one of the shooters does not usually shoot.