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This fluid is not water. This is the beginning of breast milk. Soon it will turn a milky yellow color and this is breast milk.

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Q: What is it when water comes out from women's nipple?
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Why water comes out of nipple when squeezed?

This is called nipple discharge, and is caused when your breasts are growing.

What is a bathtub nipple?

Maybe the spout where the water comes out.

How can you tell if woman is horny?

most womens womens nipple's would get hard

Can a husband suck womens nipple?

Yes, but it better be his partners.

Can men suck womens nipple?

yes and it feels awesome

Would suction make a womens inverted nipple stay out?

Yes, after extended use, nipple suction does make the enlargement and elongation permanent: the nipple will not stay erect, but will stay out and function like a normal nipple--enlarging when stimulated.

Is it normal to collect other womens nipple hairs?

Yeah, I have loads in my cave.

How do you kiss on breast?

just bite the nipple and suck the nipple eventhough milk doesn't comes. then move the nipple with tongue and play with it

Why is there a little dent in the center of your nipple?

There's a dent at the center of the nipple where milk comes out if needed.

When you squeeze your nipple white puss comes out why?


From where does the baby comes out of womens body?

It comes out the Vagina. yes. ouch. ew. but thts where it comes from

How do you milk a womens nipple?

u sqeeze her boobs til she scream "hey no lactatin" then you punch her in the jaw and say"feed my baby

What does it mean if you squeeze your nipple and green liquid comes out?

Go to a doctor.

What is the correct name for nipple?

This is the correct word for a projection that a fluid comes from.

How do you sterilize a bottle nipple for a baby?

To sterilize a baby's bottle nipple first of all wash thoroughly in hot soapy water then place in rapidly boiling water for a minimum of 5 minutes. Leave the bottle nipple to air dry before using it.

Ge front load washer is leaking water from the bottom what can it be?

Open the washer door and at the top of the inside seal there is a plastic nipple (this is where the water comes out of) ...Make sure that nipple hasn't worked itself loose (and pushed back from the seal.) If it is pull it back thru the hole and line it up with the impression in the seal. We had the same problem and this fixed it.

Does milk come from a pimple?

no it comes from a nipple, but people concentrate it enough to where its basically pus

Why are womens niples sore?

Dryness of the nipple can cause soreness. Some women have problems with dry cracked nipples, and putting a balm or salve on them daily can help.

Which way does the water from engine run to the heater core in my 1970 Chevy Nova?

The heated coolant from the engine comes out of the fitting nearest the thermostat, then enters the lower heater hose nipple (or the smaller of the two nipples) then the coolant comes out of the heater and returns into the fitting on the water pump. All fittings and hoses attached to the water pump are return lines.

What rhymes with nipple?

Ripple (as in water), tipple (as in alcoholic drink).

How do you make a big nipple get small?

Dunk it in ice water.

How long should womens pubic hair be?

because womens they tyre their hair with the poo and instead of water is pee

Why there is tan colored circlular Ares around woman's nipple?

That's the aereola and it's from there (along with the nipple) the milk comes out to feed the baby. And if you look carefully you see men has them too but smaller.

Where does milk come out of the areola?

It comes out of the nipple. Not in one straight stream but more like through a strainer.

What could be wrong with a new bathtub faucet dispensing rusted water for the first 3 seconds when turned on?

I bet somewhere in the faucet the installer used a black iron nipple for the spout or shower head. The nipple rust very quickly. A few seconds of water rinses it out. The nipple will start leaking in the future.