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A bunt attempt.

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Q: What is it if a batter holds the bat over the plate?
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If a batter holds the bat over the plate and does not swing or move the bat when pitch is thrown is it a strike?

That is considered a strike.

Is it a ball or a strike if a batter holds the bat over the plate and the ball is outside the strike zone?

If the bat is over the plate it is indeed a strike. It is considered an attempt to hit the ball and it does not matter where thepitch is in relation to the strike zone. Ball

When trying to bunt the batter is hit by pitch?

If the batter has the bat out over the plate when the ball hits them it is a strike... As long as the batter makes an attempt at the ball, like pushing or moving the bat to the ball then yes it would be a strike if they were hit.If the batter simply has the bat over the plate and is hit by the pitch out of the strike zone then its not a strike.

When bunting in live baseball does the batter have to remove the bat from the strike zone t?

if the batter is in bunting position(with the bat over the plate) he needs to pull the bat back. Otherwise strike. And if he has 2 strikes and fouls off a bunt its considered strike three.

What is a four letter word for baseball technique?

Bunt - it's where the batter holds the bat in front of the plate and taps the ball into play instead of swinging at it.

If the ball hits the bat when batter in moving out of the way of a bad pitch and the batter is out of the batters box or on the plate?

if the ball is hit by the bat out the box by accident it still counts as a hit ... if the batter hits the ball while on the plate it's an out ...

Does a team bat around when the ninth batter comes to the plate or when the tenth batter comes to the plate?

Batting around the order happens when the 10th batter comes to the plate (actually the first batter up in the line-up)

Where is the taper of the bat?

The taper is the area that the batter holds (the bottom)

Has a batter ever switched sides of the plate during an at bat?


What is a batter's box?

A batter's box is one of two areas in baseball beside home plate in which a batter is required to stand during an at-bat.

How can you tell if a ball is hittable from watching?

When you know its abojt to over home plate and the batter is about to take a big swing and lookin at the ball all the way to the bat

When a batter switches boxes can he cross the plate or does he have to walk behind the Umpire?

Absolutely he can cross the plate if he wants to. The reason they walk behind the umpire is just out of common courtesy. When you step over the plate, you risk the chance of kicking dirt on it. The batter can only switch boxes if he is a switch hitter and a new pitcher comes in. Otherwise a batter must remain on the same side of the plate for the entire At-Bat.

What does at bat mean in softball?

This is the number of times a batter gets up to bat. Meaning each time a batter goes to the plate and either gets a hit, takes a walk or makes an out.

If a batter hits the ball but it hits the batter then home plate is it fair?

if it hits off the bat then the batter its autmatically foul but if they completely miss then its a strike

If a hitter motions for a bunt and doesnt make contact and the pitch is a ball is the batter charged with a strike or ball?

if the batter doesnt pulll back the bat its considered a strike It depends If the bat passes the front of the plate then it is a strike If the bat stays behind the plate it is the ball It is determined the same way that a held swing is

Is it a strike if the batter does not pull the bat back trying to bunt?

Yes. The act of squaring around to bunt the ball is considered identical to swinging. So in this case it would be considered identical to swinging and missing the ball. The batter does not have to pull the bat back.Just simply holding the bat over the plate is not a strike.The batter must make an attempt at the ball, squaring to bunt and holding the bat completly still is not an attempt at the ball and therefore is not a strike

Where in the baseball rule book does it state that a batter must declare which side of the plate they must bat from during a specific at bat?

surely it depends on whether the batter is left or right handed Answer: NOWHERE!

Can a batter switch sides of the plate during the same at bat?

Switching Sides of PlateYou are not allowed to switch sides of the plate once the first pitch of the at bat has been delivered

Can a batter switch sides of the plate during the same at bat in slow pitch softball?


If batter hit on hand while bunting does he walk?

If the batter is hit while still holding the bat across the plate attempting to bunt, then it is called a strike. But, if the batter pulls back the bat and gets hit by the pitch then he goes to first with a HBP.

Can a right-handed batter switch to left-handed during an at bat?

In a word, yes. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The only stipulation in the MLB Rulebook is that the batter must declare what side of the plate he will bat from before the pitcher takes his stance on the mound. If, after a pitch, a batter wants to walk across the plate and take the next pitch from the other side, he may do so.

Where does the batter stand when up to bat?

The batter stands in the batter's box. These are located on either side of home plate. The batter can stand in either one of them, depending on whether he is left handed or right.

How do you calculate at bats?

A batter is credited with an at bat for every plate appearance except: 1) base on balls 2) hit by pitch 3) sacrifice fly 4) sacrifice bunt 5) catcher's interference If an inning ends while a batter is in the middle of an at bat (eg., a base runner is thrown out stealing for the 3rd out) no at bat is credited and the batter is the first batter to bat in the next inning. If the batter is replaced before the at bat is completed, no at bat is credited unless the batter was replaced with two strikes and the replacement batter strikes out. The strikeout is credited to the batter who was replaced.

When does an at bat not count?

If a batter walks or gets hit by a pitch, the at-bat counts as a plate appearance so that the player doesn't lose points on their batting average.

In softball can a bat be carried to firstbase on a hit?

After the ball is hit, the batter MUST drop the bat at home plate. It is important to remember not to "throw" the bat behind you in a game. It could result in an automatic out.