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Q: What is it called when you when money for the Stanley cup?
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What do the owners get when they win the Stanley cup?

they get money and the

How long has the world championship trophy for hockey been called the Stanley cup?

The Stanley Cup was established in 1893

How much is the Stanley cup?

In terms of money? Priceless.

What is the money value of the Stanley cup?

About 2500 USD

Do the players make extra money for themselves if the team wins the Stanley cup?

NHL players only receive extra money for winning the Stanley Cup if they have an incentive clause in their contract. For instance, they might make an extra 20,000$ if they make the playoffs, and an extra 100,000$ if they win the Stanley Cup.

What is the championship series in hockey called?

Stanley cup

How much money does the Stanley cup winners get?

a sack full of doody

Who is the donator of the Stanley cup?

The Stanley Cup was donated by Lord Stanley

When did the Stanley cup start?

The Stanley Cup received it's birth in 1892 by Lord Stanley of Preston. The trophy was originally called the Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup and award to Canada's top ranked amateur team. In 1947, the cup became the ultimate prize in the NHL.

What is the NHL championship trophy called?

The Stanley Cup. It was named after the person who created it, Lord Stanley of Preston.

Which is older grey cup or the Stanley cup?

The Stanley Cup Is Older.

What is the last game in hockey postseason called?

stanley cup

How much money the winning team gets for winning the stanley cup?


What is the Stanley Cup prize money for the winners?

Winning team splits $1,000,000

Do the words Stanley cup appear on the Stanley cup?


Why was Stanley cup named after Lord Stanley?

Lord Stanley, an avid hockey enthusiast, purchased the Cup with his own money (about US$1,150 in 2010 dollars) intending to award it annually to that year's top Canadian amateur hockey team.

When was Stanley Cup created?

Stanley Cup was created in 1893.

Does Major League Baseball have trophies like hockey's Stanley Cup?

The trophy awarded to the World Series winner is called the Commissioner's Trophy and is small in stature compared to the Stanley Cup. Also unlike the the Stanley Cup, a new Commissioner's Trophy is awarded each season, where as the Stanley Cup is passed on to the next winner every season.

What are 3 nicknames for the Stanley cup?

Here's four: The Cup, Lord Stanley's Cup, The Holy Grail, or Lord Stanley's Mug.

How much money do the winners of the Stanley cup get?

Twenty Five Great British Pounds

What is the trophy called for the champions of the National Hockey League?

The Stanley Cup

What is the last hockey game in the season called?

the last game is called the "final" this is for the Stanley Cup

Who won the 2005 Stanley cup?

There was no Stanley Cup Champion for 2005 due to the lockout. 2005 marks only the second year for which there was no Stanley Cup Champion since Lord Stanley donated the Cup. The first was in 1919 when the Stanley Cup Final was cancelled due to the Spanish Flu epidemic.

Who was the founder of the Stanley Cup?

The founder of the Stanley Cup was Lord Stanley who was at the time was the Govener General of Canada

Why is the Stanley cup important to Canada?

Canadian Governor General Stanley donated the Stanley cup the nhl