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From a rules and scoring perspective, each time you swing at the Golf ball it's called a "stroke". Every stroke counts (no matter how far or IF the ball moves) for your total score.

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Q: What is it called when you swing at a golf ball?
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What does it mean by swinging your golf club to hit the golf ball?

Have you seen a golf swing? The idea is to hit the ball with the swing, that is the only way to play the game.

What is the arc before striking the golf ball called?

Perhaps you are going for back swing.

What does the term address relate to golf?

To address a ball in golf means to approach the ball, ready to swing.

What is the longest golf ball?

It depends on your swing and your equipment as to which ball is longest for you.

If you swing at golf ball is a stroke if the ball does not move?

If you intend to hit the golf ball then yes, but if a obscure movement is made to avoid the golf ball for an apparent reason then it would not count as a stroke.

What is a hacker in golf?

A terrible player, with a horrendous swing and a rubbish striker of the golf ball.

The players golf score which depends on the number of swings taken at the ball?

yes the golf score depends on the number of swings you take at the golf ball. A practice swing doesn't count. I would say a putt is somewhat considered a swing.

How do you swing a golf club right?

you make a triangle shape swing the club back and keep your i on the ball

Can you step on the grass behind the golf ball?

no the rules expect you to fly to the ball and hover when you swing

How do you fade a golf ball?

Aim your feet and your body where you want the ball to start, then open the clubface to point where you want the ball to finish. For the swing you should swing out to in, that is take the club to the outside on the way back, and swing in on the downswing.

Does the bounciness of a golf ball relate to its ability to be hit a long distance?

it depends on your swing speed if you have a slower swing you want a softer ball like a ladies ball. if you have a faster swing you want a harder ball like a mens ball, my preference is the pro v1x.

What are the best golf shots ever?

There is not one singular "best shot" as it is all down to your swing type but there is one shot that will go the farthest and its called a strike its where you hit the golf club perfectly out of the centre of the club and the speed of the swing isn't that important if you have a slower swing you are more likely to Strike the ball.

Does a golf ball go farther if its hit harder?

It does if your swing is correct.

What is the rule if the ball moves when in your down swing and you carry on and hit the golf ball?

nothing you play the ball from where it lies from where you hit it

How do you avoid shanking the ball in golf?

Try standing closer to the ball and use a more upright swing.

What is grounding in golf?

Placing your clubhead on the ground when adressing the ball to take your swing

What it is used to hit ball when you play golf?

I am learner of golf and taking online training from TheGolfersWebsite. What I learned a perfect swing is required to hit the ball.

In golf taking a practice swing is called?

A practice swing, no special name or term.

How do you cut a golf shot?

To cut a golf shot, or fade the golf ball, (for a right handed golfer) aim your body where you want the ball to start, and aim the club face where you want the ball to finish. You should then swing out to in, and the ball should start left and turnover to the right.

What qualifies as a hole in one in golf?

A single swing that lands the ball into a golf hole. Therefore hole in one.

What should you do in golf if you swing at the ball and miss?

Line back up and try again.

When is a golf ball not called a golf ball?

When it is not on the list of conforming golf balls as compiled by the R and A and USGA.

Can hockey players swing their stick like a golf club?

Some hits can be a bit like golf, but golf swings with hockey sticks are dangerous. A swing with a hockey stick like a golf club can easily result in the ball flying up in the air and create danger.

What are the basic rules of the golf game called Fast Ball?

Some Powerful Golf Swing Tips: 1. One of the most important golf swing tip is to keep your club face square. You need to maintain a consistent golf swing plane in order to keep your club face square. 2. Always fully concentrate your eye on the ball. You need to do these at all times during your swing. Golf is played at a professional level all over the world.The Rules of Golf are very simple 1) Easy to play 2) Concentration is a key element of playing good Golf Golf is an Easy and Interesting game, A few simple flexibility and strength exercises can change your whole golf game. Concentration is the key success of playing Brilliant golf game

What are the names of golf ball features?

The main feature of a golf ball is called the dimple.