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That is called a turnover. While there are a few ways to turn the ball over (offensive foul, bad pass, other team steal, thrown out of bounds, etc.), all are classified as a turnover.

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Q: What is it called when you lose the ball to the other team in basketball?
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What is lose ball foul in basketball?

A personal foul where no team has control of the ball

How does a basketball lose its bounce?

A basketball will lose it's bounce if it gets too cold. This is because the air molecules moving inside of the ball are moving slower causing the pressure inside of the ball to decrease.

How do you give your basketball more grip?

Unfortunately, all basketballs lose their grip after a while. When this happens, there is no way to "re-grip" or regain the grip of the ball. The only other option is to buy a new ball.

In basketball When you dribble the ball you want to keep the ball under your waist?

Yes, the lower you dribble the more control of the ball you have and the less likely you are to lose control of it or get it stolen.

What is the general term used for a double dribble in basketball or if you just lose the ball out-of-bounds?

A general term to use to say that the ball is out of bounce is that the ball is out of the area you are playing in.

What does the side line do in basketball?

The side line is a line that if a player whom has the ball septs over or touches would be considered a turnover or if the ball were to go over the line the last team who touched it would lose Poseson of the ball and the other team would obtain Poseson of the ball where it went out.

If you lose control of the ball then pick it back up and dribble is that a double dribble?

No its considered a fumble in basketball

What happens if a basketball goes through the hoop from the bottom?

the game immediately ends and you lose. its like in pool, when you shoot the eight ball in too early.

As a defender is it better to watch the ball when the other player dribbles towards you or their shoulders the ball so if they lose it you can get it instantly the shoulder to see where they will pass?

watch the ball, but attack them

Can you lose weight playing basketball everyday?

yes you can lose weight playing basketball, it doesn't have to be everyday but it takes time. When you play sports that you are active in you lose weight.

Do you lose if you scratch on last ball before the 8 ball?

Yes if you make in the last ball and then scratch, you lose and the game is over.

How does air temperature and air pressure affect your flexibility?

the temperature of a basketball effects it's bounce because the air partacles in the ball slow down causing it to lose pressure and it doesn't bounce as well. if a ball has more pressure it bounces better.

In the game of pool if you get the eight ball in with the cue ball do you win?

If you intentionally pocket the eight ball and it is your last object ball it is a win. If you hit the eight ball into a hole while you still have other balls to pocket, then you auto lose.

If you are on the black ball in pool and you get somebody elses ball in do you lose?

In the game of Eight Ball, when you have pocketed your other balls and are shooting at the eight ball (your last ball), if you accidentally pocket your opponents ball(s) you DO NOT lose the game. However, your opponent's ball(s) remain pocketed and your turn is over. If the cue ball didn't strike your object ball first (the eight / black ball in this case), then the shot may be considered a foul and your opponent may get "ball in hand" (choice of cue ball position) for his next shot. This depends on the specific rules you play by, though.

Can you lose possession of the ball on a penalty in football?

Yes you could. If the goalkeeper catches it, then the other team has possession. If it was saved or hit the woodwork and came back into the field of play, then a member of the other team could get the ball first. If a goal is scored then the other team restarts the game with the ball in their possession. If the ball goes wide, then there will be a kick out by the goal keeper.

What happens if a player serves the ball into the net?

If it hits the net but does not go over then it is a sideout and the other team gets the ball. If it hits the net but goes over, it is playable and the other team must get it or lose a point.

In what year did the us basketball team lose the gold medal and who did they lose it to?

2000 lithuania

How do you play ping pong?

You hit the ball back and forth over the net with another person. If the ball bounces twice on your side, you lose a point. Or if you can not return it and have it bounce once on the other persons side you lose a point. People play to different point totals.

Do you lose if the cue ball goesoff table in 8 ball?

Yes. It is the same as a scratch. Only if shooting at the 8 ball. If shooting the other balls, the cue ball would be ball in hand to the other player. Depending on the rules of the game it would normaly be behind the diamond line on the breaking end. If playing league rules the cue ball could be placed anywhere on the table as it is done in 9 ball.

What happens if you sink the white while on the black ball in pool?

It is considered a scratch and if you scratch with no balls left to pocket other than the eight (black) ball then you do in fact lose because a scratch on the eight ball does result in a loss.

How do you lose air out of a water polo ball?

A waterpolo ball will deflate for the same reason as any other ball, i.e. if it has a puncture. If you want to deliberately deflate a waterpolo ball then it is the same as a football, the easiest way is to get a valve used to pump the ball up, without the pump attached. This will allow the air to escape.

What can you do at the YMCA to lose weight?

play basketball and swim

What are the importance of basketball in your daily activities?

Basketball has no importance unless your a little chubby and would like to lose weight.

What if you miss the 8 ball while playing 8 ball?

you lose

Do you lose the game if you shoot an opponents ball in and also the eight ball in the game of pool?

if you shoot a ball in to another opponents basket you give them a point and if you hit the eight ball first you lose the game if its at the end of the game you win