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The rare act of making three outs in one continuous play is called a triple play. There are many ways a triple play can be performed; most of them are done with runners on first and second base. Typically, a ball hit to the shortstop or third baseman is fielded, the runner heading to third is forced out or tagged out, the ball is thrown to second base for a force play, and then finally to first to throw out the batter. Another common sequence (to the extent such plays can be called common) is a line drive to the shortstop or second baseman that is caught without the runners noticing or after they have taken large leads (as in the case of a hit and run), the runners then being forced or tagged out when they fail to tag up.

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Q: What is it called when three runners get out in one play?
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What is a double out in baseball?

A double out or double play is when there are 2 outs made in one play. It can only happen if there is at least one runner on base before the ball is hit. During the play either 2 runners are called out, or the hitter and one runner is called out. There are many different ways to do this.

What is it called when a baseball team makes three outs on one play?

A Triple Play.

Is a first baseman in play if he has one foot in the field of play and one foot in foul territory?

If a first baseman has one foot in bound and one foot out of bound that is known as a fielders balk..runners can advance one base if this occurs and called on

With runners on base a balk is called does the batter get a ball called?

No. A balk only affects base runners. Each base runner gets to advance one base when a balk is called.

If a runner who was called out on the infield fly rule passes the runner on first is it a double play?

No, it is not. The batter is immediately out, and he can have no further affect on the play, unless he interferes with a fielder attempting to make a play or assists one of the runners on base.

What does the baseball statistic DP mean?

Double play. When two runners are out with one ball.

Can runners advance on wild pitch that goes out of play?

The runner is awarded one base

How do you play three versus three soccer?

That soccer is called futsal. You play in a smaller room and there is no out. One usually defends and two attacks.

Which online site is a popular place to purchase Rug Runners?

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What is it called when a baseball team makes three outs on the same play?

When a baseball team makes three outs in one play is it called a Triple play its very rare and happens about once or twice a year.

When a batter hits a grand slam how many rbi does he get credit for?

Four. Three for the runners on, and one for the hitter.

What is a double play in baseball?

It is where there is one-two runners aboard the bases (probably a runner at first base or two runners at first and second base) and a baseball player hits the ball within the infield and gets two of the runners out (depending on who was on what bases) and then there is two outs from that play! Sorry if its confusing :( did the best i could!

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