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Fast break.

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Q: What is it called when the offense tries to outrace the other team to score in basketball?
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What is the defention of the offense tries to outrace the other team to score?

man to man defence!

What are the two sides in basketball called?

The two sides of basketball are called offense and defense. On offense the team protects the ball and tries to convert a basket. On defense the team guards the ball and tries to stop the other team from scoring.

What does offense mean in basketball?

the same thing it means in every other sport mamao

What are other basketball violations?

Travelling, three second violation (both offense and defense), palming the ball

Is the game of basketball called something else in other countries?


How would studying basketball benefit you?

It would give you a fell for the other team's stars, bench play, players, and how they play offense and they defend

What is a 8 second rule in basketball?

When the offensive team has eight seconds to get the ball down to the other half side of the court to play offense.

What is it called when protecting the basketball from the other team of scoring?

It's called playing defense.

What is the difference between offensive and defensive in basketball?

Offense is when your team has th ball and trying to score. Defense is when you are trying to prevent the other team from scoring.

What is basketball called in other parts of the world?

It depends on that countries language.

What happens when there a violation in basketball?

If it's a violation on the defense, the other team keeps the ball and they just inbound the ball again. If it's a violation on offense, the other team gets the ball.

What is tripping in basketball called?

Tripping is when a player interacts with the other player and trip the player with the ball. And then the foul will be called.

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