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Q: What is it called when defender reaches over rim to block shot?
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Block in volley ball?

when a player goes up against a player on the opposite team and reaches their hands over the net to stop the volleyball from coming over

What happens if a defender kicks the ball over the goal line but not through the goal?

if a defender kicks it over the line where their goal it is a corner

What are the ways to force a turnover in the NFL?

You can force a turnover three ways in the NFL. If a defender catches a pass it is called an interception. If a defender knocks the ball out of a ball carriers hands and then recovers it is called a fumble and a fumble recovery. If a defense stops a team from converting on fourth down it is called a turn over on downs.

How close can the defender be to the line when inbounding basketball?

Cant cross it. includes stepping over it or reaching over it

What is a 350 block bored 60 over 327 crank pop up heads and pistons called?

A 350 block with a 327 crank is called a 327. Bore it 60 over and it becomes a 337. Don't know what pop up heads are. Never heard of that.

What is a pancake in football?

It's when an offensive player blocks and knocks over a defender.

What is a basketball miss match?

its when a player has a clear offensive advantage over his defender.

How do you beat the defender everytime in basketball?

Change your move up. You have to keep the defender on their heels every time. You can use the most basic cross-over and behind the back. If you randomly switch your moves up, the defender never knows what your going to do so they might look for a cross-over to your right hand but you use a behind the back to your left and your defender goes right past you.

Is a step over in soccer the same as scissors in soccer?

No. The scissors kick is an acrobatic over-the-head power kick (sometimes called a "bicycle kick"), while a step-over is a tricky move meant to deceive a defender while dribbling.

When the funnel of a tornado passes over a body of water what is found?

A tornado on water is called a waterspout. You will find a spray of water where the vortex reaches the surface.

How do you turn a small block 400 into a small block 454?

get a big block or bore it 54 over

True or False, if you over run 1st base and get tagged by a defender with the ball, you are out?


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