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Jump ball

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2011-01-16 04:48:56
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Q: What is it called when both basketball teams have their hands on the ball?
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How do you play a basketball?

First of all, the sport is called basketball. Not a basketball. The objective is to dribble the ball down the court and shoot with your hands into the basketball net.

In basketball can a player knock the ball from another players hands?

Yes it's called a steal.

What basketball teams begin with an s?

what basket ball teams begin with an s

Am I allowed to knock the ball out of another player's hands while playing basketball?

Yes That IS Called stealing the ball out of somebody's hand

What is it called when a player bounces a ball with two hands in basketball?

A double dribble. This rule could also be called if a player dribbles the ball, picks the ball up, and dribbles again.

If a player carries the ball in their hands for more than 2 strides what is this called?

If the basketball is carried in your hands for more than 2 strides is called a "travel" because you are traveling the ball from one position to the next.

How do you determine possession of the basketball if both teams have their hands on the ball?

Jump ball.....(in case you don't know what that is, the two players who had their hand on the ball stand opposite to each other and the ref tosses the ball up, the players then have to tip the ball to their teammates)

What is the rule of traveling in basketball?

if you travel in basketball, than it automaticly becomes the other teams ball.

What is it called when a player uses two hands to bounce the ball in basketball?

It is a double dribble if you are dribbling it, but if you are passing it it's called a bounce pass.

Is bouncing the ball with two hands a foul in basketball?


When are the hands part of the ball if ever?

Hands are considered part of the ball when in contact with the ball. If a defender strikes the hands of a player which are holding the ball, it is considered to be the same as the defender striking the ball. (I am a basketball referee certified by IAABO)

Is it incorrect to shoot basketball with two hands?

No, it is not incorrect to shoot a basket ball with two hands.

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