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It is called the Grand Slam, it has never been done in professional Golf.

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it is called a career grand slam

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Q: What is it called when a your win all four major golf championships in one year?
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What does WGC stand for in the WGC CA golf championship?

World Golf Championship. There are currently four WGC events, and in terms of importance they would come directly below the four major championships.

Tiger woods greatest achievement in golf?

14 major championships.

Golfers who have won major golf championships with Z in their names?

Zach Johnson

What was tigers golf goals?

The main ones were 3 US Amateur Championships which he achieved. And 19 major championships, he currently has 14.

Who has won the most major championships in golf?

Jack Nicklaus with 6.

When are the Golf Open Championships?

December 25

How many years did Bobby Jones play pro golf?

He never turned pro. Although he did win seven of the mens' major championships.

What has the author Cary Middlecoff written?

Cary Middlecoff was a professional golfer, not an author. He was known for his successful career in golf, winning several major championships in the 1950s.

What school has the most NCAA golf championships?


What is Tiger Woods known for?

He is the worlds' number one professional golfer, with 92 professional victories including 14 major championships, he is regarded as one of the greatest golfers of all time, and is still only 34.

What does the masters golf tourney meanandwhat are they playing for?

It is one of the four men's professional major championships. It is played at Augusta National once a year. Winning a major championship is the biggest prize in golf and can define a career. The winner receives the coveted green jacket, 5 year PGA Tour exemption, 10 year major exemption and life time Masters exemption, as well as a small winners' cheque of around $1,300,000.

Did Vijay Singh win a major golf championship?