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it is called a rundown

A.K.A pickle

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2010-05-30 23:35:10
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A pickle is when a runner gets caught between two bases

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Q: What is it called when a runner gets caught between two bases?
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When a runner gets caught between two bases it is called?

A pickle is when a runner gets caught between two bases

What does the word pickle mean in baseball?

Pickle is another name for a rundown, when a runner is caught between two bases. He is in a pickle.

Can a runner back up on the bases between home and first base?

When proceeding to first a runner can not retreat towards home nor can they come to a complete stop of forward motion. If they do either of these the the runner is to be called out without need of a tag on the runner or the base. This only applies to a runner between home and first.

When one base runner passes another while circling the bases which runner is called out?

"Any runner who passes a proceeding runner before that runner is out, will be called out" rule 7.08. so in other words the runner that passes the other runner is out.

In softball when a runner gets to the base before the fielders get the ball is called a what?

I guess if you were to call it something it would be called advancing bases, or if the coaches were talking about the runner it would be called advancing the runner.

Bases loaded 1 out Batter hits fly ball which is caught-2nd out Runner from 3rd scores Runner from 2nd fails to tag. Outfielder throws to 2nd before runner tags up Does the run count?


What does loaded bases in softball mean?

bases loaded means that there is a runner on 1st base, a runner on 2nd base, and a runner on 3rd base, all of the bases.

Can a runner advance on a foul ball?

If the ball is caught in foul territory, then the runner has the ability to run at their won risk. But if the player drops the ball in foul territory, then the runners have to stay at their respective bases.

In baseball can a runner be tagged out for not touching a base when a walk is issued bases loaded batter walks runner at second failed to touch third was called out by umpire?

If you skip a base, regardless of walk, hit, or steal you will be called out if you are caught. i.e. going from 1st to 3rdnd without tagging (physically touching) 2

What is the difference between a base path and a base line?

A base path is the path determined by the runner as he is travelling between bases, and the base line is the the direct lines between the two bases.

Baseball runner on first base fly ball is caught in field of play by first baseman but first baseman then falls out of field of play how many bases does runner on first advance one or two bases?

There is no free base or "advancing" by rule based on this play. Runner tries to advance at his or her own discretion if they take up.

Bases loaded the batter walks the runner on third does not touch home can he be called out?

Yes. He can be called out because he will be outside of the line and he can be called out.

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