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when a right handed golfer hits the ball slightly to the right it is a FADE but when it goes way offthe the right it is called a slice.

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Q: What is it called when a right handed golfer hits the ball straight but to the right?
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Does a right handed golfer use right handed clubs?

Yes. You may be thinking of when a right handed golfer would wear a left handed glove.

What hand is Tiger Woods?

He writes right handed and is a right handed golfer.

What is a golf draw?

For a right handed golfer where the ball starts off to the right, and DRAWS back to the left. Vice Versa for a left handed golfer.

In golf what is a hook?

A hook in golf is a type of shot. When a right handed golfer doesn't hit the ball square and they pull the club in, the ball flies straight but then takes a giant curve to the left. For a left handed golfer, the curve would go right.

What do you call a golfshot that shoots right?

If you are a right handed golfer it's a slice, for a lefthanded golfer it would be a hook.

What golf glove should I wear if I'm a left handed golfer - left or right?

You should wear a right handed glove if you are left handed.

Can a film in Photo Booth be switched so that a right handed golfer does not look left handed on the screen?

Hold the club in your right hand.

How do you know if i am a right handed or left handed golfer?

It all comes down to how comfortable you feel using right or left handed clubs. Generally those who write right handed are right handed golfers and those who write left handed are left handed golfers, but there are exceptions Phil Mickelson writes right handed, and many right handed golfers are left handed.

What golf glove should you choose if you are a left handed golfer - left or right?

Not sure

What is cut in golf?

"Cut" in golf, describes the shape of the golf shot. For a right handed golfer, a cut would go from left to right, and for a left handed golfer, the cut shot goes from right to left. The shape is a gradual one, otherwise it is referred to as a slice.

Can Golfer's elbow show up in the left elbow of a right handed golfer?

Yes. It is possible. I am a certified athletic trainer for 10 yrs. Todd

Is Arnold palmer left-handed?

Arnold Palmer is a right handed golfer. See This shows him playing.

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