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They are called dimples, and there is about 300- 400 dimples on a Golf ball.

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Q: How many circles are on a regular sized golf ball?
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The smallest radio in the world is golf ball sized

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yes it can

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What is the difference between a circlular golf ball ad a dodecohedron golf ball?

All golf ball manufacturers attempt at least to make round or circular golf balls. The term dodecohedron (not certain of the spelling) is refering to a dimple pattern of a golf ball. Two different golf balls for example can be identical in size and roundness but each may have a distinctly different dimple pattern. If you look closely at a golf ball you can see that the dimples on most golf balls ,but not all, have varying sized dimples, they may vary in depth as well as diameter. I think Maxfli used the term dodecohedron in a marketing campaign describing the dimple pattern of there golf ball.

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It is a golf ball that has the logo of a resort/golf course printed on the ball.