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A tennis player who wins the tennis Grand Slam and an Olympics gold medal in the same calendar year would be referred to as having won a "Golden Slam".

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Q: What is it called when a player wins all four Grand Slam events and the Olympics gold medal in tennis?
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Who was the first person to win the summer Olympics tennis?

A tennis player.

What were the women's events at the 1908 Olympics?

Archery, figure skating and tennis

5 sporting events in the Olympics?

Hockey, Boxing, Basketball, Soccer and Tennis.

Which of these sporting events was reintroduced at the 2012 Olympics since it was last played at the 1924 Olympics?

Tennis Mixed Double

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Which events is Great Britain not competing in the 2008 summer Olympics?

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What events were there in the 1896 Olympics?

Events in the 1896 Games were in athletics, wrestling, cycling, gymnastics, fencing, weightlifting, tennis, swimming, and shooting.

What sports will Congo be playing in the 2012 olympics?

There seven athletes will be in athletes, Swimming, and Table Tennis events

What were the modern olympic events held during the summer Olympics?

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Who won gold medal for tennis in 2008 Beijing Olympics?

Rafael Nadal the mens Number 1 tennis player

When was table tennis first in the Olympics?

Table tennis was introduced to the olympics in 1988.

Why did the Olympics Committee eliminate tennis after 1924?

Why did the Olympics Committee eliminate tennis after 1924?

What important sporting events have happened in Australia?

1956 Melbourne Olympics 2000 Sydney Olympics Various cricket, rugby, football, tennis and golf world ranking events and tournaments too numerous to list.

What date did tennis goin the Olympics?

Tennis was a part of the original modern Olympics that were started in 1896. Tennis was an Olympic sport until after the 1924 Olympics when it was dropped. Tennis, again, became an Olympic sport beginning with the 1988 Olympics.

Where and When were events for women introduced to the modern Olympics?

At the 1900 Games in Paris, women competed for the first time. The events women competed in were golf, tennis, and croquet.

What sport did athletes compete in at the very first Olympics?

The first events in the modern Olympics were Athletics, Cycling, Fencing, Gymnastics, Shooting, Swimming, Tennis, Weightlifting and Wrestling.

Why is tennis part of the Olympics?

Because tennis is a sport

What year was tennis first in the Olympics?

In first hit the headlines that tennis was in the Olympics was in the year of 1896.

Tennis player whose father represented Iran twice in Olympics Boxing?

Andre agassi

What were some of the other events in the first olympic games?

At the first recorded Olympics in 776 BC, the only event was a foot race of about 200 meters called the Stadion. At the first modern Olympics in 1896, events were competed in wrestling, athletics, swimming, fencing, cycling, tennis, shooting, weightlifting, and gymnastics.

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in the Olympics place

Is there tennis in the Olympics?


Is there TENNIS in Olympics?


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When does tennis and diving occur in the Olympics?

like anything else in the olympics, tennis and diving are origanal sports