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1956 Melbourne Olympics 2000 Sydney Olympics Various cricket, Rugby, football, tennis and Golf world ranking events and tournaments too numerous to list.

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Q: What important sporting events have happened in Australia?
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What are some of the most important sporting events in Australia?

In Australia, they are big on golf, tennis, and the ostrich races. No lie!

What important events happened in Australia in 1912?

canberra was named and founded as the Australian capital

What important events happened on May 4?

John Howard became prime minister of Australia.

Events occurred in 2007-2008?

if you mean what sporting events happened in 2007 - 2008 then the answer is: olymipcs

What happened when ancient Olympics got cancelled?

Other sporting events continued.

What is a timekeeper important for in sporting events?

A timekeeper is important to keep track of the time in all sporting events. His job is to prevent any unfair advantages that can occur in the game due to the clock.

What important events happened in 1991 to Australia?

Important events that happened in Australia in 1991 are;Australia goes into a recession in which Prime Minister Paul Keating famously announced ''This is the recession we had to have''.The Strathfield Massacre occurs killing 7 people.The first general strike in 65 years takes place in New South Wales.

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What activaties were the birds nest used for?

it is used for important sporting events in cina

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The world series in was annouced on the radio for the first time.

What is the difference between the A and B sporting events?

The 'A' sporting events are a higher class than the 'B' sporting events. Sporting is a lot more competitive and there are more skilled competitors in the 'A'

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