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it is called juggling

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Q: What is it called in soccer when you kick the soccer ball in between your feet?
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What is it called when you stop a soccer ball with your feet?

When you stop the ball with your feet you 'trap' the ball.

What is it called when you stop the soccer ball with you feet?

Settling the ball or trapping it.

What is different between football and soccer?

In football you can handle the ball. In a game of soccer you can not touch the ball with your hands just your feet.

What is it called when you move a soccer ball down the field with your feet?


What is it called when moving the ball forward with your feet in soccer?

dribbling maybe?

Why is football called soccer in Poland?

because it is a sport you play with a ball but use your feet so instead they call soccer foot ball because you obviously use your feet to kick the ball.

What is the weight difference between a basketball and a soccer ball?

Beacause in soccer you use your feet the ball can't be as hard as it might be in basketball when you only use your hands.

What is the different between football and soccer?

Football and Soccer are the same thing :) the aim is to kick the ball into the opponents goal using your feet :)

What change in soccer?

The ball is at your feet not hands

What is close control in soccer?

It is when you are making sure that you are keeping the soccer ball close to your feet. If you are keeping the soccer ball close to yor feet, then the offenders wont be able to steal the ball from you

What is different from soccer than volley ball?

Soccer you use your feet, volleyball you use your hands. In volley ball the ball is mostly in the air, and in soccer, the ball is mostly on the ground.

Height of a bouncing soccer ball?

12 feet

How does shooting a soccer ball have to do with science?

When you shoot or kick a soccer ball you are transferring energy. when your feet swings back it is storing energy .This is called potential energy and When you kick the ball and the ball flies this is called kinetic energy.Potential energy -stored energyKinetic energy- energy of motion

What is the difference between soccer and tennis?

There are numerous differences between the two sports the most profound of which is that in Soccer players strike the ball with their feet whilst in Tennis players strike the ball with a item of sports equipment known as a racket

What does it mean to juggle a soccerball?

When you bounce a soccer ball repeatedly with your feet, knees, head, etc. it is called "Juggling".

Which sport requires the most skills between the NFL and soccer?

Soccer for sure. In soccer you have to use your feet to move a ball and use other tactics than just knocking into someone and hoping the ball with get to you, like you do in football. Soccer is the sport that requires the most skill.

Which word do you use when you run with the soccer ball at your feet?


What is the Furthest distance a soccer ball has been kicked?

The furthest a soccer ball has been kicked is 80 meters or 262.46 feet!!!

In soccer what is the method called when a player is using soft taps with the feet to control the ball?

I think you're talking about dribbling.

How did soccer start and develop?

in the olden days boys thought of a game called ball then they started to use there feet so decide to call it foot ball

How To Say Football In French?

In Québec, american football and canadian football are called football, while the sport with the round-shaped ball you only play with your feet is called soccer. For european francophones, soccer is called football.

What makes soccer a unique sport?

that you are using your feet to control the ball

How do you juggle soccer ball with feet?

you kick it strait and comes back to you

What was the farthest kick of a soccer ball?

The record for the longest soccer kick is 262.4 feet or 80 meters.

What you do to be a soccer player?

You have to practice a lot, work hard and just practice having a soccer ball at your feet.